Our trip to the big smoke

Well we got back all in one piece with a ute full of lots of goodies. We got going a little after 7am and was back at 8.30pm.

The positive things we managed to achieve was:

Buying a fridge/freezer.
Big food and essentials shop.
Find spare parts for kitchen tap (which I fixed this morning)
Buy Ariya’s birthday present (bicycle)
Find someone who is hopefully coming out tomorrow to have a look at our kitchen and bathroom in the hope that he will be able to finish all the cupboards that need doing.
Picked up the blinds.

The Negative:

Internet. I thought I had a solution for my internet problems and went to the local CAT telecom shop but the router I wanted wasn’t Mac compatible and they had nothing else that would help to boast my signal to ensure a more stable connection. We also went to the AIS office to talk about our reception problems and they said they would get a technician to call us and maybe make a house visit. Ha! We will see…
No beds or tables were purchased. 3 different massive shops were looked at but things were either ugly, in bad condition or too expensive. At least we have an idea now of what we are looking at so our next trip will hopefully bring success.
Couldn’t find parts for the broken shower drain.

The kids according to Auntie Daeng were really good. They even slept for 4 hours in the afternoon (usually 2.5 hours) so that was a relief to know that we can do that again in the future without a worry.

It rained all day and the country side is well and truly soaked. Not good news for the farmers at all who are trying to harvest their rice. We managed to get 2/3rds of our crop off before the bad rains hit this week thank goodness.

We had to take 2 detours on our travels due to the state of some of the roads.

Motorbike and tractor on flooded road.

Motorbike and tractor on flooded road.

I had planed to hide Ariyas bike (until her birthday) as soon as we arrived home as I knew the kids were staying up to see us. As the ute was being unloaded I went upstairs to see the kids only to be met by a beaming Ariya on the balcony excitedly saying “Daddy, I see Ariya jackayarn (bike) in the rot (car) see chumpoo (pink colour) for birthday Ariya! (Yes that is how she talks mixing up Thai and English. My plan quickly went out the window and we took it for a short test ride downstairs immediately!

After taking the fridge upstairs and plugging it in we all sat down on the floor to eat Auntie Daengs present, takeaway from Ubon Ratchatani. Pizza! Now for the people who know how much I love pizza I will have you know that this was not for me and it was a request from Daeng who only gets to eat it when we visit and just loves the stuff! I must admit the cold piece I had this morning for Breakfast was much better then the usual sticky rice!

The next few days should be busy in between trips on the motorbike to the nearest fixed phone line to get an internet connection, organising thai passports for the kids (another story in itself and will blog on that later) getting the blinds hung and the Kitchen tiles put in and organising the cupboards to be done. Hopefully we can get it all done before I go to Laos for 3 weeks on Sunday.

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  1. Andrew
    Congrats on trying the move, I am still in Indo but Bo and baby are at home in Issaan till next week. They come here for 2 weeks then Thailand for a month and then moving to Switzerland next year.

    Try the following link for CAT coverage
    The CAT CDMA EVDO network seems to be the favored solution for remote areas. New modem CU880 I think but for details go to Thaivisa.com.
    Also for the Thai passport details many posts on doing this and requirements on same site.
    >Many people been there done that so no need to start it all yourself.
    Cheers Greg and Bo

  2. Great to know that the kids did so well for Aunty Daeng – I bet she was pleased it went so well too. Well at least you have made a good start but sounds like it will take quite a few trips to get everything. I bet Ariya is loving her early birthday present.
    Love Mum

  3. Well, I am commenting on your blog so you don’t have to bug me about it! Here is Jessica’s normal blog welcome:


    I agree with your Mum… I bet Ariya is enjoying her b-day present!

    It rained here too – we had 15mls!

    Hope you get everything you need soon!

    Lots of love,

  4. hey Andrew,
    sounds like things are busy for you over there.It’s great to be able to catch up on what you are doing and i am enjoying your story telling abilities and your journalistic flair.

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