Paperwork and beef.

Yesterday was one of those days where you do actually get something achieved yet it takes all day to do it!
We decided to try and organise the paperwork we needed to be able to get the kids Thai passports.
Before we came moved to Thailand we had great fun organising a Thai birth certificate for them both through the embassy in Canberra. Living in NZ didn’t help matters either!
Marriage/birth certificates all have to go to the Department of Foreign affairs and trade first to be notarised before going to Canberra. They eventually translate them and send us a proof which we make changes (spelling of names) before they bundle it all up and send back to us, of course with the changed being made but made wrong.
So we repeat half the process before finally we have Thai birth certificates.
When we were in bangkok 2 weeks ago we went to the passport office but was told we need to have the kids registered on Seerung’s family house book in the village. One week ago Seerung called the local Amphur (district) office to say we were coming in and told them what we had and do we need anything else. No, nothing else, come on down they said!
We did and were promptly told that we needed Seerungs dad to come to say that our kids were in fact family. We told them that Dad was to old to travel so they said that another family member can come as well as the village head man. Oh and they also wanted a happy snap of the family.
So we hired the car again and all headed into town yesterday at 9am. We then proceeded to spend 3 hours doing paper work. I kid you not, 3 hours! Someone once told me that only India was worse at the paper work debacle and I am starting to believe them! Although there were air cons in the office none of them were turned on and there were no fans. By 1pm we left to do other things as we were no longer needed and they would finish up for us and to come back and pick it up before we went home.
So off to the market for fruit and then to the internet shop for Seerung to organise a cake for Ariyas birthday tomorrow as they had told me the other day that they knew of someone who baked cakes at home for things like this. We then went to three shops looking for a gas bottle for the Kitchen but they were all declared not beautiful enough so we still have no gas. We still don’t have a kitchen so it isn’t such a big deal at the moment I suppose!
Finally we sat down at a restaurant for lunch.
We were all starving. We being Seerung and I, the kids, Daeng, Cum and their daughter Cream and the village head man.

We ate and ate and ate!
2 x bowls of pork stir fry.
2 x Pat seiell (noodles, meat and veg)
1 x phad thai
1 x chicken and veg
1 x som tum (spicey papaya salad)
1 x Yum mum sen (seafood salad)
1 x 2.25 litre of coke and three bottles of water.

Huge servings and delicious food, all for the grand total of AUS $13.

We then found out that a cousin had been admitted to the local hospital so back to the market for more food to take around to her then back to the district office only to find out that the big boss who had to sign off on it had gone home early. We will pick it up soon and hopefully that will be it when we go back to the passport office sometime in the future. We were told at the office in Bangkok that there is now an office in Ubon so that should save a lot of time and hassle hopefully.
On the way home I mentioned to Seerung that I had forgotten to by some beef so that I could cook over the coals for dinner that night.
I love buying beef over here as Thai people have a different idea of what is the best cuts of meat compared to westerners. They will take the feet, stomach, liver, fatty tough cuts etc before the prime cuts (in my eyes) such as sirloin or porterhouse. There is generally no price difference either, same price for the guts as it is for a T-bone. $4-$5 Aus a kg.
We were already halfway home with Marisah asleep in Seerungs arms so I obviously wasn’t going back. Around the next corner was a few cars parked up on the side of the road outside a house. As I slowed down Seerung saw that the were cutting up a cow and selling it.
I pulled over and went in for a look with Daeng. Most of it was gone but she still jumped on a few pieces of awful looking I don’t know what it was while I spied a great looking piece of what I believe to be Sirloin.
That night I cooked up my beef and considering it was probably a malnourished old cow that was hacked up in the dirt it tasted wonderful! I look forward to having our Kitchen ready so that I can see how they would go as a full on steak.

5 responses to “Paperwork and beef.

  1. Pray tell me, what is a “beautiful” gas bottle?! the mind boggles.

    Oh – paper work, it is designed to help you be very patient.

    Yummy sirloin off a very ordinary cow – yum!!

  2. Glad to see that you are not working to hard. Need to see some pics of that lovely house that Seerung designed….. If you fing a bbq to buy, who needs a kitchen. When are you meeting up with Paul?

    Talk soon.

    MeMock replied “Thanks for dropping in Todd. Work starts tomorrow as I am off to Laos for 3 weeks. Pics of the house will happen when it is worth taking photos of! All a big mess at the moment. Just about to go and finish hanging curtains. BBQ? I already have one – didnt you see the pic? It’s great if you only want to cook half a steak at a time – haha!

  3. didn’t you know cow goes off as quick as milk! It needs a fridge. Ahhh you make me smile – oh so careful over here!!

    MeMock replied “haha, ahhh the milk – how things change hey!?”

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