Happy birthday Ariya!

My wee little baby is growing up 🙁 3 years old today. It seems like just yesterday that you were born. Happy birthday beautiful I hope you have a great day.

Well the day is only half over but so far it has been busy. A 5.45am start due to a phone call from my sister wanting to wish Ariya a happy birthday, not up yet sis! Did some computer work (very limited connection this morning) before getting a very excited Ariya up. We told her before bed that we are organising a small party for her in the evening so she wasn’t expecting anything but just walked around with a face splitting grin as she knew that today she is special!
After hanging curtains in one room the computer lady called to say that the cake had arrived so off I set on the motorbike to town. Record time 20 mins there but over 30 minutes back as I didn’t want that cake sliding all over the place!
Just as I got to town I noticed the steering was a little funny and sure enough I had a flat, thankfully only 50 metres from a mechanics. Wheeled it in there and 15 minutes and 25 baht (Aus $1) later I was back on the road again!
Managed to find some chips and some chocolate (well sort of) and will go up to Mams shop soon to get some soft drink as well as a few beers for the men.
Will have some family and their kids around just on dark for dinner and cake. Ariya will also open the couple of presents that she has received then. Hopefully it wont be a late night as it looks like I might have a 5.30am bus departure tomorrow for Laos but of course in typical Thai style no one knows what time for sure (especially on a Sunday) and if I should head to Ubon airport via Det Udon or Nam Yeun.
I will let you know tomorrow how the party was and hopefully as I will have a better connection will have some photos to share as well.

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  1. Happy birthday to a very precious grandaughter. Hope you have a lovely party and I am so glad daddy didnt drop the cake on the motorbike. Will try and ring you now before I go to bed. Looks like the Nationals will be in!
    Lots and lots of love from Grandma

    MeMock replied “I am so glad I didn’t drop the cake as well although there were a few nervous moments! Great news about the election.”

  2. Happy Birthday Ariya! We’re looking forward to hearing all about your party!

    On another note: we love reading the blog and hearing about your life in Thailand. Thanks for sending us the address.

  3. sorry about the early call…1 tried 4 times that day!!! and still no luck to talk to ariya so i suppose i have to wait until you get back there when is that…her birthday pressie arrived yesterday do i post to the address you emailed awhile ago??

    MeMock replied “Hiya sis, no worries about the phone call, if you didn’t wake me up the buffaloes or the load speaker would have a few minutes later!

    Yes, please send any mail to that thai address I gave you. If it isn’t a parcel (no declaration needed).

    You can call Seerungs phone anytime you want, I will email you her number.”

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