Birthday party

As i started typing I was wondering to myself why my fingers were so sore until I remembered the 60 balloons I blew and tied up for Ariyas party.

Both girls had a good afternoon sleep which allowed us to get heaps done, me with the balloons and snacks and Seerung with the food for the adults.

She had some presents arrive by mail in time which was an added bonus. Thai people (especially those outside bangkok) do not celebrate birthdays at all so what was really sweet was that the other people who turned up also brought beautifully wrapped presents that Ariya really enjoyed. Sister in law Mam and her husband Somboon have been to Australia twice to visit us and attended a few kids birthdays whilst there (including Ariyas first) and obviously observed all the present giving that goes on and passed the word around.

They say a picture tells a thousand words so I will let these do the talking as my fingers hurt!


Food for the adults

Food for the adults

Junk food for the kids

Junk food for the kids

She loved her cake

She loved her cake

It took 4 attempts but she got there in the end.

It took 4 attempts but she got there in the end.


6 responses to “Birthday party


    Why on earth did you blow up 60 balloons?!

    She’s growing up… she’s three years old… wise old Josh said, “Wait till she’s 21!”

    Love the prices!!

    Love Jess

    MeMock replied “why blow up 60 balloons? Why not? Air is free 🙂 Ask Josh what happens when she is 21? Do I have to blow up 600 balloons?”

  2. The balloons look great but you must have been seriously out of puff by the end! Couple of great shots there with Marisah grinning-they are both so cute. It is amazing how pale they look compared to their cousins. Glad you had a great time.

    Love Mum

  3. looks like fun,we just had anakins frist birthday and imade the mistake of buying 200 balloons,i belw up 130 and was going to stop there but nong said she wanted them all!i was lucky enough to have a compressor to co the blowing bit though,i tried two by mouth and was dizzy after just that,so well done to you.

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