Back in Bangkok

I am typing this while relaxing in my hotel room in Bangkok. It is so nice to have a decent internet connection!

At the birthday party it was discovered that there is a bus that leaves from town at around 11am so that was great news as I wasn’t looking forward to a 5.30am departure which previously seemed like the only option. Somboon, myself and my luggage motor biked into town and discovered that it didn’t laeave until 11.30 so that gave us enough time to get something to eat. The bus then left early but drove around the market beeping its horn to find me so I had to run to catch it and get on board.

My trusty stead.

My trusty stead.

It took almost 2 hours (1 hour by normal car) to get to Det Udon (45 baht – Aus $1.75) where I swapped to another bus for the 1 hour ride into Ubon Ratchatani (35 baht – Aus $1.25). I jumped ship before the bus station and caught a tuk tuk to where I thought the hotel was. I had originally planned to stay at the Tokyo hotel but had read online that opposite it was a much nicer and cheaper place to stay. Problem was, i couldn’t find it so ended up going to the Tokyo anyway. It is an average place but as I was to discover it has free wifi inernet so I was kept happy! This is what 400 baht in rural cities in Thailand will get you for a night. Sorry for the quality of the pics but I only have my camera phone with me on this trip.

After some internet time I went out for a walk on the hunt for some work shirts but didn’t have much luck. Curry for dinner and off to bed.

The next morning was a tuk tuk ride to the airport before the one hour flight with Air Asia to Bangkok. Checked in to the Om Yim hotel before a taxi ride to the shop where I bought my mobile phone 3 weeks ago. Some of the pixels had gone on the screen so they fixed that for me while I waited. Back to the hotel for a clean up before heading out to dinner at Timbas. I had read many good reviews of the place and I wasn’t dissapointed. Caught up with a few Bangkok based friends and had the best steak I had ever eaten. Ever. Today I have a few things to achieve in the city (mainly involving money and books) before I leave for Laos early tomorrow.

10 responses to “Back in Bangkok

  1. Hey – I thought OUR steak was the best ever!!

    MeMock replied “they were! Until last night!”

  2. Love the bus – glad you didnt go all the way to Bangkok in it though!

  3. bet it didnt have as healthy diet as mum & dads cows!!!

  4. I gather that you will not be invited back to mum & dads for steak now.

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  7. Oh! My Goodness. They still use that “Red Thing” in Thailand, in 2008.

  8. What red thing? The bus/truck?

  9. Yes! My boy got a kick out of it.

  10. They still use it in 2012!

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