Christian taxi driver

You meet all sorts of weird and wonderful taxi drivers throughout Thailand but yesterday was the first time that I have knowingly met a Christian one.

Thai people only ever sit in the front seat of a taxi if all the rear seats are occupied. As an Australian I only do this if i want some peace and quiet or am on the phone etc, otherwise it is up front and time to have a chat. I am glad I sat in the front on this occasion as I spotted a picture of Jesus on the cross with the words ‘dying to know you’ and a bible on his dash board. What followed was a great conversation about his conversion to Christianity and how his parents don’t like it. What a great trip it was and as a bonus I am now the proud owner of that picture and the thai/english bible!

5 responses to “Christian taxi driver

  1. Thats great. I wonder how many times he is able to witness to people, and give them his bible, and another picture.

  2. Isn’t that a great saying “Dying to know you!”

  3. What did the picture and bible cost you?

    MeMock replied “it was free you cynic!”

  4. interesting your comment about thais only sitting in the back seat,i can’t say that i had ever noticed,must say that i always jump straight in the front for a chance to have a chat with the driver and also just incase my language is not good enough to get across where excatly i want to go,Ha Ha.

    MeMock replied “Hey Ben! Great to hear from you, I can’t imagine your language not being good enough for something like that, I wish my Thai was as good as yours. When you get to Bangers next (can’t be that far away) have a look at the percentage of taxis that have 1 passenger in it and if they are Thai I can almost guarantee they will be in the back seat!
    Oh heck, that reminds me – you sent me an email a while ago about passports and I never replied, I will try and dig it out and reply to you now. Greetings to Nong.”

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