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I mentioned earlier about my brother in law Khum and my two daughters with various health problems. The most serious is Khum. He is about 28 years old, spent two years in the army and is fit as a mallee bull. 4 days ago he collapsed while harvesting rice with stomach problems. I wish I could say that he was rushed to hospital but when you live in such an poor and isolated part of Thailand it isn’t as easy as that. As the rice farm is only about 2km from home word quickly got back about what had happened. A motorbike was out of the question as he couldn’t even stand. Phone calls were made to find a car but to no avail. The school teacher had a car but was in an important meeting and couldn’t be disturbed but he generously offered his car keys for someone else to drive. No one knew how to drive so another call went out to find a driver and eventually he was taken to the local hospital 11 kms away.
This is all information told to me by my wife over a telephone that every five seconds squawks for 2 seconds like a wounded galah so details are a bit sketchy. He was in absolute agony for 2 days as the local hospital had no idea what was wrong and I am not sure if they sent him or my wife demanded that he be sent to a major hospital 2 hours away at Ubon. They finally sent him and a few hours after that he went under the knife and had a good portion of his intestine removed. Just a few hours ago he was taken out of ICU so things must be on the improve. Thank you for you prayers.
While Khum it seems might be getting better my two girls are getting worst with the vomiting now coming out both ends. Poor Seerung is having to deal with this with no help due to the other medical crisis and went through the same issues today trying to organise a car to get them to a local health clinic, they ended up going on a motorbike, the three girls and the rider.
I feel so helpless being here while they struggle through this and can’t wait to leave for home tomorrow morning. I have decided not to fly home via Bangkok but will instead be driving direct hopefully arriving just before sundown tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks for the update…just checking before bed. Praying it’s just a 24hr bug… sounds like its worth buying a car or is that too hard?? How frustrating and upsetting it must be and there’s nothing any of us can do cos we are so far away too… give my nieces a big hug and kiss for me tomorrow love you lots xx

  2. Congratulations on a great blog. Your brother in law sounds like he has the same thing I had back in april. It will take some months for him to heal up, but he should be okay again.

  3. Sure hope you have managed to get home quicker than later, and found that things have improved. You will be soooo pleased to see your girls.
    Love Mum

  4. I hope the girls are feeling better soon, how awful for them.
    Thinking of your BIL and wishing him a speedy recovery.

  5. any new news? ive been checking…hope you arrived safely

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