Fascist Thugs Terrorise Passengers at Bangkok International Airport

Quite a good headline don’t you think? Unfortunately it is true as I am sure a lot of you have already heard on the news.
News like this makes me so angry and at the same time i just shake my head and say TIT (This is Thailand.) I mean how can one of the biggest airports in the world get over run by a bunch of mindless morons like these protesters are just beggars belief.
Anyway, the above headline and the article I am about to paste below are from here and I thought the author summed it up pretty well.
These people have taken it upon themselves to try and change government (twice) after democratic elections in which the people had overwhelmingly decided already at the ballot box who they wanted to be in power. The protesters (PAD) argument is that these people are poor and uneducated and therefore cannot be trusted to make the correct decision. Anyway, enough of my ranting, here is the story.

Bangkok International Airport has now been closed by Fascist thugs from the anti-government PAD. The PAD are demanding that the elected government resigns. This is despite the fact that the government has the backing of the majority of the Thai population and even the majority of Bangkok citizens. This backing has been proven by repeated elections. The PAD want a dictatorship to replace democracy because they deem that the majority of the Thai electorate are too ignorant to deserve the right to vote. How did the PAD thugs manage to seize Bangkok International airport? Airports are supposed to be high security areas. Thai airports are controlled by the Thai military. It is obvious that the Thai military, who staged an illegal coup in 2006, have quietly supported the actions of the PAD. It is obvious that the military is unwilling to provide basic security to air travellers and air crew. But they are happy to rake in huge salaries associated with their control of the Airports Authority. Foreign governments and airlines should reconsider whether the authorities in Thailand are willing to provide international standards of safety and security.

Back in early October, the PAD thugs surrounded parliament to prevent the Prime Minister from making a policy speech. When the police used tear gas to try to disperse the PAD, the police were roundly condemned by the Thai media and most Middle-Class intellectuals. It is no secret that the PAD are armed with guns, bombs, knives and wooden batons. They constantly break the law with impunity. Earlier today PAD thugs were filmed by PBS ThaiTV, shooting at taxi drivers who were trying to defend their pro-democracy community radio station. The PAD thugs were holding up pictures of the King. Yesterday the PAD kicked and punched a senior policeman. The police are powerless to act.

The PAD is a Royalist Fascist mob which has powerful backing. Apart from the army, they are supported by the Queen, the so-called Democrat Party, the Courts, the mainstream media and most university academics. What these people have in common is a total contempt for the Thai electorate who are poor. They are angry that the Thai people voted for a government that gave the poor universal health care and other benefits. They want to turn the clock back to a dictatorship which they call “the New Order”. They are hoping that the Courts will now dissolve the ruling party and that an authoritarian “National Government” will be set up.

It is clear that the PAD, the Military, the Democrat Party and the Conservative Establishment would rather see total chaos in Thailand rather than allow democracy to function. This is despite the fact that we face a serious economic crisis. Interestingly the anti-government groups are extreme neo-liberals with little grasp about how to deal with the economic crisis or how to stimulate the economy. Apart from opposing welfare, they have attacked Keynesian policies of the previous Thaksin government.

Where is the King in all this? Throughout the 3 year political crisis, the King has never attempted to diffuse the problem. Many Thais believe he supports the PAD, but it is more likely that the Monarch has always been too weak to intervene in any crisis.

Those who support democracy and social justice in Thailand must condemn the PAD and those advocating a dictatorship. We must be with the pro-democracy Red Shirts, while refusing to support ex-PM Thaksin, who has a record of Human Rights abuses. I hope that all those friends of Thailand abroad will support all our efforts to defend Thai democracy and to defend those of us who may face arrest in the future.

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  1. really good to get it from the Thai perspective.

  2. Totally disagree old boy.
    How can you ignore facts?
    Thaksin’s TRT party banned for electoral irregularities.
    Thaksin himself banned for 5 years along with over 100 other TRT members.
    Thaksin found guilty of corruption. Sentenced to 2 years prison.
    Thaksin’s wife found guilty of tax evasion. Paid nothing on a sale of shares worth 738 million baht in a country where poor farmers are lucky to live on 3,000 baht a month.
    Thaksin’s new party the PPP has been banned for vote buying etc and his brother-in-law, the latest PM, banned for 5 years.

    To suggest that people do NOT have a right to attempt to rid themselves of corruption is something worthy of a fascist leader, not someone pretending to be a ‘friend’ of democracy.

    I find your entry to be very offensive Andrew.
    You have failed to present facts to your readers.
    The entire piece is flavored with bias. Words such as ‘Fascist’, ‘thugs’ fail to recognise that the PAD have suffered the most with constant attacks from unknown sources resulting in the deaths of many of their supporters.
    Grenade attacks on their people have been an almost daily occurrence but to read your piece, one would think the PAD are roaming the streets when in fact they are the victims of RPG attacks.
    And you also fail to report that when the police attacked the demonstrators at Government House, they fired tear gas grenades which killed one young woman and injures up to 500 others. Many losing limbs when the police fired the grenades directly into the crowd instead of in front of the crowd and this was proven in a subsequent forensic investigation.

    As a person with a history in newspapers, it is perfectly clear that you know what you want to write and the bias is meant to be there. Anyone familiar with the facts would see it as another case of pro-Thaksin propaganda.

    I wonder how you fell into his camp. I can only assume that you wife’s family are connected to the Thaksin camp.

    Anyone who seriously studies movements for democracy would have seen the evil of Thaksin many years ago and would accept that his corrupt cronies must be driven out of Thai politics before this country can ever think about the truth of a democracy.

    MeMock replied “Hi Robert, thanks for dropping in!

    Talk about jumping in all guns blazing. Obviously the article in question was not written by me but yes, I do agree with it. My family are not connected with the Thaksin camp although I assume my in laws did vote for him but I am not sure as we never talk about it. My wife, like I, think Thaksin is a corrupt thief and we do not like or support him at all.

    The thing that I have a problem with is that an open and fair election was run and a political party was chosen to run the country by a fair margin I believe. These yellow shirts have decided that isn’t good enough and chose to speak for the entire country about what they think is best. That is not a democracy.

    I was and still am a fan of John Howard and the Liberal party in Australia. They got voted out 12 months ago. Sure I was disappointed but I have to respect the wishes of the majority of Australians even if I think they were fools by voting in Kevin Rudd and Labour. I don’t go and shut down the countries airports costing billions of dollars as a result.”

  3. Sorry, Andrew, I couldn’t tell where you and the article separated and therefore put both of you in my line of fire.

    You said “an open and fair” election was held.
    Hmm, as I wrote TRT for to disband for electoral fraud.
    PPP has now been forced to disband for the same reasons.
    Nope, no sign of an open and fair election yet.

    Thaksin, and all the corrupt politicians in Thailand are like a cancer that has to be removed. A handful of pills and some rest won’t cure this particular problem.
    Chemotherapy is most likely needed to solve the problem, and, as we know, Chemo has some horrible side effects.

    Long live the King.
    Long live the struggle for democracy and may Thaksin rot in hell.

    MeMock replied “What great institution forced them to disband? Please don’t tell me that they are above corruption. Bollocks. I agree with your thoughts about getting rid of corruption, I also agree with you about Thaksin being nothing more then a cancer however using mob rule and over running airports is not the way to go about things. They are thugs, nothing more, nothing less.”

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