The paperwork saga continues

A few weeks ago I posted about the hassle we were going through getting the correct paperwork so that my two kids could get Thai passports. I last wrote that the saga was over and all we had to do was pick up the paper work. How wrong was I.
When Seerung took her Dad to the hospital yesterday she walked across the road to the offices to pick it up. “Oh no” they said “we need to interview your Dad now” To say Seerung was furious is an understatement although it doesn’t pay to get angry at a government office when you need something as your file will quickly be placed at the bottom of the pile. So after her Dad finished at the hospital they went back to the offices and wasted an hour there before being told “oh no, we need the village head man to come back in now.” Apparently my Father in Law did a pretty good job in restraining Seerung at that time!
So we are still no closer to actually being able to apply for the passports. What’s the bet that when we do go to the passport office, paper work in hand that they send us all the way home because it wasn’t done correctly? Will keep you posted.

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  1. very hard to keep your cool when you want to blow your top ,but you know doing so will have no (or a negative) effect on thai’s.just as well see rung was dealing with it as although she was obviously upset i would say a foriegner in the same situation would have a much shorter fuse

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