Ahhh, three year olds!

Wanted to share a little funny conversation that I just had with my three year old daughter, Ariya.

We are eating all our meals on the floor at present as we don’t have any furniture but even if we did I would guess half our meals will still be eaten on the floor as we eat with other families members at least once a day.

As our lunch today was coming to a end I noticed that Ariya had slipped away without me noticing. I called her back and the conversation went like this:

Me: “Ariya come here”

Ariya: “Yes Daddy”

Me: “Are you finished”

Ariya “Yes”

Me: “Did you ask to get down”

Ariya: “No, we don’t have a table, Ariya can’t get down, silly Daddy”

3 responses to “Ahhh, three year olds!

  1. Bright grandkid we have !!

  2. Clever little chicken!

  3. Too funny!!

    Clever little cookie!

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