What a joke

This paperwork trail trial is fast becoming a big joke but no one is laughing.

This is the ordeal about trying to get the kids Thai passports. The first part can be found here and the second part here.

The latest: Village head man went back in to the government office with the new paperwork only to be told a new and completely different story. He was told that they need more photos of our kids and a petition signed by no less then 50% of the entire village population saying that the kids are indeed ours! How the heck are they meant to know if the kids are ours or not, they were born in Australia for crying out loud.
Last night the head man made an announcement over the village loudspeaker (a separate post just about this is coming soon I promise) asking everyone to come down to see him to sign this stupid form. Seerung and I were unaware this was going on at the time otherwise we would have done something about it. We only found out this morning and as you can imagine, we were both furious.
Seerung, not being your average Thai person hit the phones and called the embassy in Canberra and then the government in Bangkok who told her that our local office is full of it and there is no such rule calling for this sort of thing and that is should have been granted after our very first visit.
Unfortunately the head man has already left for the office with the petition so I will keep you in touch with what action Seerung decides to take.
All I can put it down to is that they want a bribe. I have been told many times before that in situations like this (being a foreigner I have money to burn) after the first hurdle we should have supplied a little tea money to speed things along. As we didn’t they just keep on making things harder and harder as we go along until we finally pay.

Ha! They have messed with the wrong woman!

3 responses to “What a joke

  1. Ha,well i’m kind of stumped for words but as you’ve said before “TIT” hopefully serung will find a way to by pass the local office,i can just imagine the stress you are going through in what should be a straight forward process.best of luck.

  2. i know when i went to get a passport for flynn when he was 6 months old they wanted it signed by someone not family who had known him from birth. i said noone fits that category i could post it to broome to the dr who delivered he wouldnt remember me from a bar of soap…they changed their mind quickly and said someone that has known of flynn since birth…no bribes needed there!!

    MeMock replied “if only my problem was as easily fixed as that!”

  3. Now this is the biggest joke I have heard so far regarding paperwork in Thailand.

    MeMock replied “I know Fabian, unbelievable isn’t it! Staff have to pay bribes to get jobs in offices such as this and it clearly shows!”

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