Tung Sri Muang Park, Ubon Ratchatani

After staying in the hotel room all day yesterday evening I popped a few pills and forced myself out for a walk shuffle. My hotel is only about 200 metres from this fantastic park. It is smack bang in the middle of Ubon Ratchatani and is well patronised by people doing a variety of things. Jogging, walking, playing basketball / soccer, using the weights or playing on the playgrounds. There was even a group painting.Plenty of grass and tables and chairs as well.
One again sorry for the poor quality of these pics.






A more recent post about the park can be found here.

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11 responses to “Tung Sri Muang Park, Ubon Ratchatani

  1. wow looks like a very well kept park with a nice kids playground also.

  2. skin and blister

    look forward to more updates glad you are getting somewhere hopefully!

  3. where they all painting the same thing – as in a class 0r is it just something to do?

    MeMock replied “were Belinda were not where tsk tsk hehe – it was obviously some sort of class and I went to have a look because Seerung has told me that she wants to start painting which I think is really cool unfortunately just about everyone was painting cartoon characters and it was basically colouring in as the outlines were already done!”

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