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As the Dr I needed to see didn’t start work until 11am I walked down to a bank to exchange some money in preparation. I then needed to get to the hospital and as it was to far to walk i had to take a tuk tuk. I hate these noisy polluting death traps but there isn’t really much other choice unless you know the routes of all the songtaew in the city.

Tuk tuk (front) and a songtaew.

Tuk tuk (front) and a songtaew.

The 5 minute ride was almost the end of me, it was pure torture. I then stood for the hour it too for me to see the specialist much to the amusement of at least 10 staff members who kept trying to offer me a chair to sit down on!
Had 2 xrays done. The Dr said it looks like one of my vertebras has moved, I think he said ‘S1’ or something like that. The hospital doesn’t have a Chiropractor but he suggested pysio which would involve a week long stay with them putting weights on my lower back to stretch my spine out. They would know after three days if it was working and if so continue for a week or if it wasn’t helping then some kind epidural needle of sorts.
I asked about a chiropracter and he thought that it may work but couldn’t be sure so I decided to take my xrays and go back to this clinic place that I mentioned before that I was told about 2 nights ago.
Stuffed If I was taking another tuk tuk so I walked for a bit until I found a road that would take me pretty close to where it is and then took a songtaew which was much better as I could stand up in it. Eventually found the place only for it to have a sign saying that it wont be open until 4.30pm today!
So I went back to the hotel and on the way stopped at the local watering hole which is called the Wrong Way Cafe and had some lunch. I can stand up at the bar and eat there so it was almost enjoyable! I also wrote up some posters for the owner advertising their Christmas party as she said her English writing skills were not good enough. She asked to look at my xrays and it was then I noticed that one must have fallen out somewhere in my travels and of course it had to be the one the Dr had been referring to.
Back to the hotel to rest, popped out for dinner down the street then back to the hotel again.

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  1. skin and blister

    Bugger about the xrays cant believe it…probably no chance of finding it again??? Atleast you can get strong painkillers over the counter in thailand!!!

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