quick update

I saw the physiotherapist today (she is not a chiropractor it seems) and was quite impressed. Her English is as good as my Thai so we managed to get by with swapping between the two. She says she has treated many people with sciatica before and is confident she can help me. I spent an hour with here prodding and poking me along with some kind of massage machine, some time on the ultrasound and some kind of electronic weight stretching machine. I also purchased a wrap around back support as well.
I am feeling a little better after seeing her but realise that these sort of things take a few return visits so am meeting with her tomorrow at 10am and then hopefully a third time where I will then make up my mind as to whether it is helping or not.

2 responses to “quick update

  1. glad to hear you are feeling a bit better and are on the up

  2. Yes its going to be a slow recovery but at least you are on the road to recovery so to speak.

    ….and if you feel pain, have another beer and a lie down 😉

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