Pan house, Ubon Ratchatani

After deciding not to return to the Tokyo Hotel
I chose to stay at the Montana Hotel, that was until my Physio said she didn’t want me walking and to move to a place close to her clinic so therefore I am now at Pan House.


450 ($20 aus) a night or 5,000 a month. ($200 Aus)
Located on Sapphasit road opposite the hospital.
Great selection of TV to chose from (including the Australia network – yippee) and UBC plus free decent wifi. Complimentary coffee, full size fridge (with freezer) plus a small kitchen (can also fit a washing machine if you wanted to live here.)
The place looks like it is brand new and seems to cater more for longer stays but for a short stay I will now say that this is the best value in Ubon that I have found.
Ph: 045 263 300









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  1. Looks lke the hotel n Adelade whch s more than $200/nght!!! Hope thngs wll get better quckly…how s seerung copng at home wth the kds suppose atleast she doesnt have to look after you!!!

    MeMock repled “ha the place sn’t even close to the Adelade hotel but t does the job for me. As the kds are healthy now she s fndng t a lot easer then before! Plus the kds fnally seem to be warmng to the nlaws and are spendng more tme away from Seerungs legs and wth them.”

  2. So have you called seerung and told her to pack her bags yet….. Looks lke a nce place to hang out n untl your place s fully fnshed, ncludng furnture. Maybe the owners of the hotel mght be able to send you n the rght drecton to some good places to buy furnture and accessores. Take care of yourself, you only have 1 body.

    MeMock repled “You and Seerung are on the same page as when I told her about how good the bed s and the frst thng she sad s fne out where they got t from!”

  3. How long do you thnk you wll be there??

    MeMock repled “days, weeks, months, I wsh I knew”

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  6. Is that the hosptal next to bg c? and where s wrong way cafe. I have an MRI scan tomorrow, and don;t check n the cancer clnc untl wednesday.

    • H Martn,

      No Pan house s opposte (well 75 metres east) of the man government hosptal called Sappast whch s the same place as where you wll have your MRI scan. Wrong way cafe s about 5 blocks west on Phadaeng Road. If you get tme please call nto Peppers (on Uppalsan Road opposte the arforce base) and say hello. Good luck!

  7. Yes, Pan House s almost opposte the MRI scanner. Very mpressed, wll stay there next tme, only thng wrong was ants and mosqutoes.

  8. Sorry about Peppers, got your answer too late. Next tme.

  9. an you book me n Pan house for one nght next Tuesday please? I’ll call n Peppers around seven before we go there. Do you do soup?

  10. Sorry, that s two rooms I need.

  11. H Martn, no problems mate – all booked. 2 rooms for Tuesday nght, the prce has gone up to 500 baht though sorry.
    I should be at work Tuesday nght as I usually hold the fort so that my wfe can have a day off as Tuesday s the one day we close the ktchen. We stll have the full range of drnks, cake and coffee just nothng from the menu sorry.
    I look forward to meetng you.

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