I need to have a whinge.

I am sick of being in constant pain.
I am sick of being unable to do anything.
I miss my wife.
I miss my kids.
I am depressed.
I don’t want to go to Bangkok but feel I will have to.
I hate it, I simply hate it.

End of rant.

3 Responses to rant

  1. Real sorry that you are feelng so down. Could Seerung and the kds go wth you to Bangkok? We contnue to pray for you.
    Much love, mumsy

    MeMock repled “thanks for your concern, I wsh they could come wth me but I thnk I am beng selfsh f I got them to come as t sn’t really far on the kds”

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  3. Wow. Wsh I could rant concsely lke that. Oh Lord, could we have a church full of people who rant smply just lke Andrew and then move on. Love you mate. Ths s my frst vst to your blog. Anybody’s blog actually!

    MeMock repled “H Rodger, thanks for vstng! I feel prvleged that I am the frst blog you have ever vsted. The good news for you as that t can only get better!! Haha. Yep some tmes you ave to rant and get t out as long as you can then move on. No use dwellng on t.”

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