MRI scan done.

This is the main bit of an email I just sent to my family a short time ago.

“Had an MRI done this morning. Took them back to the hospital to see the original Dr I had seen a week ago and he says that I have managed to have some part of the bone from the S1 vertebrae snap off which is what is compressing the nerve.

He wants to open me up this afternoon and reckons I will be walking again in 2 days time.

I spoke to my Dr in Australia a few days ago and she said the last resort is to operate and was really hesitant for me to do that up here. I am just waiting on a CD with the imgaes from the MRI scan so that I can email them to her to see what she thinks. I am hoping she might then be able to talk to the DR on the phone to confirm things before I say yes or no to the operation.

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  1. Not something to be accepted without a sound second opinion from a specialist physician. Take care we will continue to pray for you.

  2. Daphne // December 16, 2008 at 5:55 am

    Hi Andrew,
    Just want to send you our love and thoughts. Its been pretty tough for you. Hope your Doc in Aus can give you good advice, though I imagine you’ll do almost anything to get rid of the pain!I’ll get progress reports from Rosey. Lots a luv. XXXXXXX

  3. hey andrew,
    have replied via fb but now I see this blog some of my questions have been answered. so tell me is there a totally well repeated story about the mechanism of your S1 vertebral process injury?? or did it just happen?

    Hope your morale is hanging in there, thinking of you heaps. sent you a private message on fb.
    i will try to visit this blog daily from now on.
    with my love from Te Aroha

    MeMock replied “Hi Linda, great to see you on my blog. No story, just a once off and would you believe it was from a single sneeze when I was in Laos 5 weeks ago. I had just got out of bed at 6am so my body wasn’t warmed up and I let this huge sneeze go and straight away I felt the pain. It was very sore but not enough to stop e heading straight to the bus station for a 7 hour bus ride (I bet that didn’t help things!) The pain then started to get worse from then onwards and by the time I got back home a week later I was cactus.”

  4. wow a lot to take in,they certainly don’t muck around when they decide upon a course of action over there,having had two op’s in thailand before and having seen many doctors i would sure recommend the second opinion,but it also sounds like it’s pretty obvious what the problem is a least it should be no problem to solve,just a bit scary i would imagine,thinking about someone playing around near your spine with a sharp knife.

    MeMock replied “Two ops in Thailand? I had forgotten about them, Seerung filled me in including the misdiagnoses you got on one occasion. Pretty amazing sometimes isn’t it!”

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