MRI scan, Ubon Ratchatani

This is a post for any future westerners in this neck of the woods doing a google search for an MRI scan in this area. If I had known it was here earlier I would have had the scan 7 days before I finally did, saving a lot of time, money and pain. As far as I am aware it is the only MRI machine available in the entire East of Thailand (East of Korat). If anyone else knows the location of others let me know and I will update this post accordingly.

The office is located out the front of the Supasitthiprasong สรรพสืทธิประสงค์ hospital in a separate little building. It certainly looked impressive to me with all it’s computers and flashing lights! Of course like most business in Thailand it had 6 staff with only 2 of them doing any work! It is open 24 hours a day and you can call them direct on 045245886.


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  1. Hi Andrew and Seerung – Just to let you know we were praying for you and good advice and wise decisions this morning. Hoping you’ll be able to get back to all those other interesting posts about life in Thailand again soon – much better than dealing with medical adventures 🙂 With love from us all Linda Jeff Ryan Tim Joel and Laura

    MeMock replied “Great to hear from you mob! I can’t wait to get back to the other posts as well, much nicer to write and I am sure much nicer to read! Actually I just discovered I have a couple of photos of something that I was going to post about before I left home so might load them up very soon”

  2. i must say the (what would seem to be)the independently run mri operations seem to have a lot nicer decor and much more efficient that the goverment hospital ones.

    MeMock replied “This one was located in the grounds of a govt hospital but yes I do think it was privately run. Only four more days before you come over! Are you looking for a job as soon as you arrive as we still haven’t finished our kitchen or bathroom cupboards”

  3. Hey there,

    Bit dubious about all these facebook/blogg sites so have never felt to come on board or comment but I have just been reading through your ordeal only to go “dito, been there done that”. I had exactly the same thing as you are describing only I have been healed of it.
    For me it occurred through repetitive strain at work in Perth. I was told after being unable to walk and having to eat either standing or lying on my stomach, that I had a bulging disc at T3 and 4 and it would either reslove or I would need back surgery ie) fusion of the spine.
    I want to encourage you thwat it does improve over time and don’t rush with the surgery option. When it was really bad and flared up I would need to spend a week or so lying on my stomach and predominantly resting. Sitting exacerbates it and then walking does become excrutiating. A good physio is a great help, pilates and swimming also helps as it strengthens your core stability in your stomach which is what holds everything firm.
    And above all, we have a great God who is able to heal. Will continue to hold you in my prayers.

    Love to Seerung and the girls,
    Ps lots of rain so the garden is flourishing (maybe a little too much!!)

    MeMock replied “email sent in response”

  4. skin and blister

    looks like the CT scan…did you have to drink anything gross like 1lt of coconut coctail and IV drip of another concoction…. hope not!!! Pretty amazing machine…they have found i have sinitis which i think is infection of my sinuses…from the CT scan…not really what they were looking for but was all they found Yah praise God i suppose i will take it as healing…

  5. i had major surgery at Supasitthiprasong about 10 years ago and I have to tell you that place rocks! It is by far the best hospital i’ve been in…US, HKG, UK included. For whatever reason, Ubon has a very strong medical community. Glad you found this little side-business of some of the doctors there…
    good luck!

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