Operation time

Sorry for not posting yesterday but it was one of those days that I would like to forget but will remember for the rest of my life.

The pain that day was the worst ever. No matter what position I tried when lying down it hurt and don’t even think about getting off the bed and standing up. 

That night I got really worked up emotionally about everything that was going on. It led into what I believe was a panic attack as I can’t explain it as anything else. It started with my breathing and then numbness started around my lips and ears before it went to my throat. I still thought I had control and begged Seerung not to call for help. Then suddenly all hell broke lose as my entire body succumbed and I lost control of it. I was delusional and thought I was going to die. It is so hard to explain and I am not going to try now apart to say that I thought I was about to die and so did Seerung. At one point I blacked out and Seerung said that my body started to contort and my fingers began to lock up. She tried prying them apart  but she wasn’t strong enough. It was then that she creamed out in anguish which I remember and as soon as I heard that scream my mind became clearer and although my body was still going crazy I had a clear enough mind to know that I was going to be okay and I was able to tell her that. I was rushed by Ambulance to Ubon Ruk hospital where very quickly just with hot wraps and oxygen I was able to regain control. Poor Seerung, the look in her eyes when this was going on was something I will remember for ever. Thank fully the kids had just been put to bed and so did not witness any of it.

I stayed over night in the hospital which is where I still am now.

Today we finally got work from the specialist in Australia. He said that it would seem that surgery was necessarily due to the amount of time since I first hurt it as well as the fact that the pain is intensifying. Thankfully he wasn’t like a previous Dr who had said I must get back to Australia. He said it isn’t a problem to have it done in Thailand but just make sure that it is a neurosurgeon who is doing it. A quick check of the two Doctors here who I had been seeing found that they were orthopaedic surgeons only. We came to the conclusion that it looked like I would have to go to Bangkok. We were then told of a neurosurgeon that has his own clinic but has done operations in the past at this hospital. We called and he popped in to see me about 2 hours ago (8pm). He looked at my scans and then basically repeated what the specialist in Australia had said needed to be done. I instantly felt at peace with this man and decided then and there that we would have the operation here. No trips to Bangkok or back to Australia! Thank you God!

So an xray was done and the drip has been put in my arm and we are already to go for 9 am tomorrow morning (Tuesday).

Thank you everyone for your advise, your thoughts and especially your prayers. I am almost at the end of the journey and Christmas is starting to look special once again!

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  1. We will be praying for you and for Serung and the family as you go through this process and believing that you will have God’s peace through it all.

  2. cant wait to hear from you im sure the operation is over by now and you are drugged up to the eyeballs so look forward to a post tomorrow?? Take care bro!!! Love you lots

  3. Just heard from Paul that you have come safely thru the op which is wonderful. We arrived safely in Honiara this afternoon, nice and warm and humid!
    Love you heaps

  4. yay hope you recovering well. Happy Christmas we have some new photos on FB .
    with aroha from all of us

  5. Love from us all and praying for speedy recovery so you can play with and bear hug your girls again 🙂 So thankful the right doctor was there for you. Just enjoyed Christmas Eve with Ali and Craig, Becky and Daniel, Mum and Dad and Mike over from Melbourne. A wonderful evening. Special hugs to you Seerung; praying for comfort and strength of heart for you. Emmanuel.

  6. Hey Memock,
    Hope all is well with the operation and you and your family have a fantastic Christmas and a safe and prosperous new year. All the best with your future endevours.
    Cheers Mate

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