Happy Birthday Jesus!

Happy Christmas everyone.

Just a very quick post as it is quite painful to type and if Seerung wakes up and sees me doing this I will need another operation!

The operation was a success! 2 hours and all over. The next 24 hours was a blur with the morphine etc doing it’s job. This morning I almost feel human again. I can walk! No nerve pain anymore, wahoo! Just some decent pain coming from where they cut me open but already that is starting to decrease. Thinking of checking out today and back into the hotel for another 24 hours of recovery before attempting the trip home.

We got Daeng and Mam to come into town yesterday and they took our kids home with them as it was just becoming too hard for Seerung to be everywhere at once. We have decided that New Years Day is going to be our Christmas which will give me enough time to put the tree up at home and get the kids all excited about it. So have a great Christmas everyone, we will too, in a weeks time! Although given the activities of the last month or so I have already received one of the best gifts ever, the gift of life and the gift of walking.

I will do a better post including pics of the operation when I am feeling a little better.

3 responses to “Happy Birthday Jesus!

  1. Wonderful to hear from you again and find you such good spirits. Seerung must be exhausted, trying to be everything for everyone.
    Have a wonderful Christmas next week. We are enjoying ours in Honiara. This morning we spent several hours helping the local Rotary club distribute gifts to all patients at the local hospital – quite an eye opener. Remind me not to sick here!

    Much love,
    Mum and Dad

  2. We are praying for you all and glad to hear that everything went ok. We were blessed with 30cm of snow this morning so it has made for alot of fun today. It will be a white christmas for sure tomorrow with more expected over nite. Christmas is about who you send it with and not when it happens. love you guys and wish you could be here with us and watching the girls and Ethan playing in the snow together. Maybe next year.

    God bless,
    Todd & Nancy, Ethan

  3. Very glad to hear it went well and you are beginning to feel better already. DON’T overdo it though, take it easy.

    Love to Seerung and the girls

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