Phadaeng Mansion, Ubon Ratchatani

Another accommodation review for Ubon.

Phadaeng mansion. (dosn’t seem to work at the moment)
Ph: 045254600
Located on Phaedaeng Road (surprise surprise!)

400 baht ($16 AUS) for a room with a double bed, 500 ($20 AUS) baht for a king size. 5,000 ($200 AUS) baht per month.

A few English movie channels, fridge, outside wash up area.

A nice little Lobby with some copies of the classics.

I really did like the Pan House but this place is in a better location being only 1 block from the main park and slightly better value, making it now my choice for best valued Hotel in ubon.

Phadaeng mansion

Phadaeng Mansion front desk.

Phadaeng Mansion lobby

Phadaeng Mansion artwork

Phadaeng Mansion bed

Phadaeng Mansion bed 2

Phadaeng Mansion room

Phadaeng Mansion bathroom

Phadaeng Mansion 2

Phadaeng Mansion outside

16 responses to “Phadaeng Mansion, Ubon Ratchatani

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  4. I want to enquire as to rates during july, 1 month from 12-13 july,king bed smoking room,big fridge,in-room safe? Can someone e-mail me as I am interested in room.
    regards Phil Andrews.

  5. I just checked it 40 minutes ago dur to reading your review over this morning… and am very happy with the choice. Many thanks!

    First time I’ve come across your blog… bookmarked 🙂


    • Hi Chris, so glad you found it and like my recommendation. Please tell them that Andrew from Peppers sent you as they occasionally send customers my way as well. How long are you staying for? Will we be seeing you for a meal / drink down at Peppers Bakery & Cafe? It is only a short walk from where you are. What ever you do it is great to hear from you and to get such positive feedback!

  6. Hi Meock,

    I will pop in for some breakfast (although most call it lunch at 1pm haha) either tomorrow or Sunday 🙂

    Just got back from dinner at Rosoto – Highly recommend 🙂

    Hope to see/meet you when I come in!


  7. Wow, this is the first item that shows up when you search google for Ubon Ratchathani. Good report, I’ll be staying there this November for several months while looking around Thailand.


    • Hi Jon,

      Glad it was easy to find! Enjoy your time in November, from then until Feb is the best time to visit. You will have a great time.

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