Getting ready for Christmas!

Given the recent events I decided that we were still going to have Christmas just that it would happen on January 1 instead!

The afternoon we got home (Dec 27) I got the girls to help me set up the small little tree I had purchased over a month before. Having no idea what was going on meant little as they and their cousins took to it like a duck to water. I took the time obviously to explain to Ariya when things had calmed down and she took it all in but getting Marisah to have to wait a week until she can rip those presents open was a little more difficult!

I wasn’t actually planning to do all that much this year but some very good friends of ours in Australia sent us a box with not only presents for the kids but all sorts of other decorations and paraphernalia, I couldn’t just do nothing!

There were two parcels also waiting for me when I got home, one from my sister which had more wrapped presents inside and one from my parents which not only including gifts but some tinsel as well! So we have a very nice looking tree with many presents surrounding it all set for New Years Day.

Decorating the Christmas tree

Decorating the Christmas tree 2

Decorating the Christmas tree 3

Decorating the Christmas tree 4

Decorating the Christmas tree 5

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