A hive of activity

Not me! I am trying to take things very easy due to the bosses orders. It is hard after doing nothing for 5 weeks but hopefully when the stitches come out in a few days time it will be full steam ahead.

The hive of activity is all around me. The village has come to life due to the new years holidays. Thai workers get a lot of public holidays but they are never long enough to make the long trip home and get back in time for work. Only New Years and Songkran (Thai New Year) allow that luxury.

Over the last few days there has been a steady build up of people arriving. There are more cars (even sre a taxi from Bangkok this morning), motorbikes, people and of course money as the kids bring back some of their hard earned cash to give to the family that remain in the village. This always means more drinking and stupid behaviour, thank fully that hasn’t happened yet but give it time I have been told.

Our immediate neighbour outside my bedroom window is also busy getting ready for a wedding that will be held on January 2. They have been busy cleaning up which means the burning of a lot of rubbish. This fire is no more then 15 metres away and the smoke blows right through the house. Such a lovely smell when they dump a lot of plastic on top of the flames.

A few houses beyond that neighbour I am keeping an interested eye on the construction of a new building. Thai builders always amaze me for their fantastic balancing skills!



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  1. Is that a saw in his hand??

    MeMock replied “in one photo he is sawing, in the other he is hammering!”

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