another year is gone…

I sit here on my balcony (my laptop sitting on a borrowed plastic chair) with the sun about an hour away from setting for the last time in 2008.

This time last year I was living in New Zealand and had just that morning said goodbye to my wife who was off to Thailand to start building the house I now live in. Life changes, life moves on, if you don’t keep up you can get left behind sometimes.

What have the highlights been in 2008?

Spending more time with my family, especially my kids. I had 6 weeks split over two times where it was just the kids and I. It was tough, frustrating and bloody hard work but I wouldn’t swap it for anything.

Having sold my business back in Australia, not having to earn a living for a little while. Being able to pick and chose the work I wanted to do.

Moving to NZ for 12 months was great. The weather was fantastic, the scenery and people beautiful. Best of all we were living only 20 mins away from my Mum and Dad.

Travelling to Melbourne to watch the cricket with my best mate.

Having the once in a lifetime opportunity to fly in a helicopter from Sydney to Western Australia (my home, Kununurra). It took 3 days and was just a fantastic time.

Moving to Thailand to once again start afresh. 

Good friends, good family and a loving God who looked over us.

The lowlights?

Thankfully not that many but i do have to put Moving to Thailand in here as well. I love Thailand but I miss NZ and Australia as well.

My health. The last 5 weeks have been hell and I hope I am nearing the end of it.

To everyone reading, please take a few seconds to reflect on your year. If it has been great, give thanks, if it hasn’t, give thanks that a new one is starting in just a few hours time!

What am I doing tonight? Nothing. It will just be another normal evening and I will be in bed by 10pm, music from the neighbours permitting. Besides, I need an early night as tomorrow in my house is Christmas Day!

3 responses to “another year is gone…

  1. Hello Memock
    Good to hear you are feeling better and have a good healthy 2009. All the best. Regards,
    Jay & Family

  2. Happy New Year to you all xxx

  3. Hope that you guys have a great chistmas tomorrow together. What are you cooking up for dinner? Anything special.

    So where do you plan on being this time next year?

    MeMock replied” This time next year, visiting you and having a white Christmas sounds like a good plan!! Cooking for dinner? I wish! We still don’t have a kitchen, so it will be what ever the sisters decide to cook (which usually depends on what the can catch!”

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