Another big day in the big smoke

Would you believe we hit the road at 5.58 am yesterday? (2 minutes ahead of schedule). Neither would have I if I didn’t see it illuminated on the screen of the car clock. The green light clashed with the awesome red, pinks and purples of the sunrise as we headed due east for 20 minutes before turning north for the bright lights of Ubon Ratchatani 2 hours away.

Straight to the northern outskirts where we had an appointment to look at a second hand car that was for sale. Then from there it was onto the Toyota and Isuzu dealerships. The difference between the two couldn’t have been any wider. Toyota was massive but a sleek operation. The sales people could have all been super models, we toured the showrooms in a golf cart before getting down to business and discussing price. Given the economic slow down currently there are some good deals to be had on new cars at the moment.

Isuzu was a lot smaller and the sales people were straight off the farm in tatty jeans and flip flops. Not being a person who cares much abut appearances it didn’t worry me in the least but I was still surprised given how I know rich Thai people would react to this and lets face it, to buy a car in Thailand you need to have a decent wedge behind you.

We found a car here that fitted all the requirements and as it was a run out model a decent discount and extras was on offer. We decided to go away and think about it while doing some other jobs and a few hours later we went back as I had a few more questions I needed to ask. One of them was to find out exactly what month of 2008 the car was manufactured as the sales rep had nervously mentioned early 2008 around Jan or Feb and I was suspicious as I couldn’t see the date mentioned on the plates under the bonnet. She called her boss on the phone and so I asked him and he said the same thing. I then demanded to see the paper work showing me the dates and it wasn’t until then that the truth came out and I was told that it was in fact a 2007 model. Needless to say we were back in our car and back on the road in seconds after hearing that information.

Here is a camera phone pic of the car in question.

isuzu car in ubon

It was a great shame as I really liked it. So today I am going to compile my information that I received from Toyota before getting two friends, one in Bangkok and one in Chiang Rai to compare the prices at their local dealers where they both have good contacts.

The day wasn’t a complete waste however as we managed to spend a few hours furniture shopping. We eventually decided on a table with eight chairs. We spent ages discussing price and swapping chairs from another table etc before finally arriving at a deal so finally we have some furniture! I am sitting at the table at the moment typing this and it is bliss! We also picked up two small book cases for the kids and a high chair for Marisah.

Here is Ariya unwrapping the plastic that we had to wrap it all in for the rough and dusty ride home last night.


Marisah was very happy with her high chair and had no problems showing off for the camera.



Getting organised.


The finished product!


And the small bookshelves for the kids.


While the driver and Seerung were loading up the furniture I went and saw my Dr who had operated on me. I had some concerns as I was still getting some pain and numbness in my leg, the same as before but just a lot less painfall. He said this was to be expected as he had seen with his own eys how much the nerve had been compressed. He said, with exercise and time it should go away although this is a small possibility that I might have to put up with it for ever. I can live with that although having said that it is coming up lunch time here today and I haven’t felt it all day!

We finally left Ubon at 7pm and after a quick bite to eat we arrived home at 9.30pm. A busy but productive day.

4 responses to “Another big day in the big smoke

  1. Furniture looks very swanky. I really love the high chair and I must have some of those bookcases in green (perfect for N’s room) I will take

    Looks like we are going to need some very big suitcases 😉

    MeMock replied “The book cases are pretty swanky hey?! Cost was 300 baht each ($12) so not too bad :)”

  2. hey they look fantastic…you must feel very grand!! how much was the table & chairs?? i will try you on skype tomorrow??

    MeMock replied “$600 for everything (high chair and book cases as well)”

  3. For future reference every car has a compliance/build plate on it – usually on the door frame for the drivers door – this has the build date and the #’s for the specs included on that vehicle.

    You could always ship the Merc over from NZ if you don’t find anything!!

    MeMock replied “So tempted to bring the Merc over Unc (or as they call it here, a Benz.) Somehow though I doubt it would last more then 3 months on the roads around here! Actually I am going to try and sell it after Mums birthday in Feb I think.

    Thanks for the build plate tip on the door frame as stuffed If I could find it in the engine bay!”

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Just wanted to comment on all the pictures – your girls are absolutely gorgeous! I love the curls and the beautiful smiles. Yay for new furniture, too!

    MeMock replied “Hi Nancy, thanks for the good wishes and the nice thoughts about my kids, thank goodness they got their Mums looks! I wish I could be looking at your blog but once again there is something seriously wrong at my end and I have been logged out plus it has converted all the instructions to Thai as well! Same goes with the blog that JJ started.”

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