Bikie gang.

Can a gang have only two people in it?

Anyway, for Ariya’s birthday back in November we bought her a bike. For the next 6 weeks she would occasionally sit on it but never wanted to try and ride it. That was of course until Marisah started showing an interest in it. When I was in hospital she taught herself how to ride if only to keep Marisah away from ‘her’ bike!

So we thought we would buy Marisah a cheap little bike to play with but that didn’t work as she only likes the big one even if she doesn’t go anywhere as she isn’t strong enough to work the pedals. Sometimes she will just sit on it for up to an hour at a time. With Ariya spending more time on her bike Marisah has commandeered a cousins bike for her fun.

Complete concentration from Ariya (tongue sticking out just like her Grumpy (my Dad) ) as she turns a corner.

Ariya on bike

Marisah on her cousins big bike.

marisah on bike

Look Dad, no hands!

look mum no hands

The Gang.

bikie gang

The Gang with Marisahs bike that she won’t touch.

spare bike

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  1. I love the tongue out in concentration – definitely Grumpy! Tghe girls are growing up so fast.

    Love Mum

  2. Love those big cheesy grins!

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