Love is in the air

I mentioned a few days ago about a wedding that was to happen on January 2 at our neighbours place. It seems it had to be postponed at the last minute as the groom couldn’t come up with the sin sot (bride price) money. Well he must have won the lotto as it is back on and happening at 6 o’clock tomorrow morning!

They started setting up this morning. About 30 men came to help with the marquees (about 6 did all the work.) They were joined by about 30 women who for the rest of the day have been busy with all the food that doesn’t involve meat.

The men will get involved again around midnight tonight as that is when a cow will be slaughtered for the occasion and will need to be prepared. The wedding will all be over by about 9am and this is when everyone will go home for a well deserved sleep.

As of 8.30pm tonight there would be at least 60 people down there! At least they are being very quiet.

As it all unfolded outside my bedroom window I took a few snaps. I hope to get a few pics tomorrow of the ceremony.

Firewood for cooking and keeping warm tonight.


The Marquee arrives.


Up it goes.


Blocking the road to the river, no problems, the tractors have just been driving under it.


The cutlery arrives.


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  1. Time to party! I love weddings =)

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