Is it a bird?


Is it a flying buffalo?


Nope, it is a kite on the lose.


With half the kids in the village in hot pursuit it will soon be found.


For those interested in the tile progress the tiler turned up today on Thai time (about 11am and then went for lunch at 12!) He worked steadily all afternoon though.


So by quitting time this afternoon this is how it looks.



2 Responses to Is it a bird?

  1. looks great! love the marble top very classy

  2. Is your tler worred about nhalng dust or keepng hs dentty secret?! I ddn’t thnk that that was the type of headgear generally worn n Thaland. Ddn’t see any of t when I was there n October anyway.

    MeMock repled “It s actually qute normal up here but I have no dea why he s wearng t nsde. Tha people have a fear of ‘turnng black’ and wll do anythng they can to make ther skn as whte as possble. If you have dark skn you wll be nstantly labelled wth beng a peasant farmer (whch I guess s what they are but doesn’t stop them from tryng not to look lke one!)

    90% of people around here would wear very smlar clothes whenever they worked out n the rce felds but not usually nsde.”

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