Wan Dek (Kids Day)

Today was Kids Day at our local school (lower primary) and is a big day on the school and village calendar. This is the second one I have attended and they really are a blast. Every school year has to do a dance or a skit, there are games for kids and adults and then it finishes with a mini sports carnival.
What was a little strange this year was that Seerung and I were told we were eating lunch with the big wigs who were visiting from Bangkok. After that both of us had to address the entire school and wish them all the best for 2009, study hard etc etc. I can only assume this happened because we gave a donation to the school to fix their roads a few months ago and it was their way of acknowledging us. Flaming embarrassing if you ask me!

All the parents turn up and the kids spend a lot of time on their costumes and make up.

Here is a student getting ready at 6.30am this morning.


Here are some kindergarten kids. I ended up taking individual photos of every kindi kid there (I had no choice!) and will print them out for them next time I am in the big smoke as there isn’t one single family in the village who owns a camera so I am sure the photos of their little darlings will be appreciated.


This is my niece Beam doing her dance routine.


There were some funny games that the parents had to get up on stage and play. One of them had two partners having to hold a balloon between their foreheads while dancing to the music. The last team still dancing with the balloon intact wins a prize. This year it was two bottles of beer!


Everyone who attends is expected to bring some kind of snack so that every child receives something for their efforts. Here is the table full of treats. My sister in law Mam did a roaring trade in her shop this morning!


This cute little girl was keeping a close eye on all the yummy prizes.


My youngest daughter Marisah was very popular and was taken away by all sorts of strangers during the day.


This kid didn’t know what all the fuss was about.


This bloke has obviously been watching too much MTV of something! I have never seen the fashion before in rural Thailand. I really hope it doesn’t catch on!


The crowd thought it was all a great laugh.


Musical chairs.


After all the singing, dancing and games it was time for the sports.



We came home at 2pm to put the kids to bed and then Seerung went back to play in a Volleyball game. It’s a real shame that I wont get to watch her as she has had great delight during the last 7 years of knowing her telling me how good she used to be at it!

Oh and if you were wanting a tile update sorry, but it seems that kids day is an unofficial public holiday!

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  1. Excellent. Maybe you got better food dining with the bigwigs?!

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