We finally have wheels!

After much thought and deliberation and many phone calls and visits to various Toyota and Isuzu dealerships we decided to put an offer on a second hand car located in Ubon. It is Toyota 4 door, 4 wheel drive 3.0L ute (pick up). It has very low kms (11,000) for a 3.5 year old car and has been looked after really well by it’s owner. Fastidiously one might say as the car is immaculate.
The owner is an Englishman who had wanted to live in Thailand but due to some health issues with one of his children had to move back to England.
Anyway, he accepted the offer and hopefully in a few days time I will have some piccies of our new car to show you. As much as I would have loved to have picked it up as soon as we agreed on price I couldn’t because he needs to send some paperwork out from England to his Father in law who has been storing the car. As soon as that arrives Seerung and I can go in with our money and all of us drive to the Transport office to sign everything over to us before we can take possession. Thank fully he has sent it high priority at great expense and it should be here by Wednesday fingers crossed.
I really can’t wait as it is going to change our lives dramatically for the better to finally have transport whenever we need it. Unfortunately I am going to have to be really patient as I really shouldn’t even be driving it next week let alone for a few more weeks while my back heals. We may have to take a driver in with us if I aren’t feeling ok (like today.) Seerung is going to have to be taught how to drive a manual and my brother in law is going to have to be taught how to drive!

4 responses to “Wheels

  1. congrats! that is fantastic news…

  2. Is that Jay’s old car?

    MeMock replied “sure is!”

  3. Very flash!! Hope it gets to you soon…vroom, vroooom!

  4. Very good buy indeed. Like brand new.

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