Snake for dinner

I leaned over my balcony railing at lunch time to see what was happening for lunch and saw Marisah and her Uncle Khum cooking a snake over the coals so I popped downstairs with the camera to take a few pics. One of the dogs caught it at the pig farm this morning and we are having it for dinner tonight.




3 responses to “Snake for dinner

  1. you’ll let your insides touch snake…unbelievable you surprise me!!

    MeMock replied “well it is dead remember!”

  2. Did it taste yummy? Marisah is so cute copying Khum exactly sitting and with the stick

    MeMock replied “Tasted like chicken! haha. Nah, you couldn’t really taste it as it was burried in a mountain of basil leaves and chilli.”

  3. snake, like dog, is very good meat and good for health.

    MeMock replied “ahhh so that’s why my back is feeling a lot better the last two days?” 🙂

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