Fun at the river

About 75 metres behind our house is a river. During the wet it is a dangerous fast moving torrent of water but during the dry it is a great place to take the kids at least in the few few months before it starts to dry up prior to the next wet.

Ariya just loves it and wants to go every day and really enjoys stripping off and playing with her cousins while Marisah doesn’t like the sand in her toes and stays rooted to the spot!

At the moment it isn’t very deep, the only thing you need to be careful about is leeches and cows and buffaloes.

Fingers crossed that my money comes through today so that we can go and pick the car up tomorrow. Could be an overnight trip as we have a lot to do. My back is still very weak so it looks like we will have to bring a driver with us to bring it home. Lessons for Seerung on how to drive a manual will start ASAP!


river 2

river 3

3 responses to “Fun at the river

  1. Leeches cows and buffalo – not sure wether I would rather sharks or crocodile!
    Why dont you buy Marisah rubber shoes she can wear and then maybe she might enjoy the river without sand and mud in her toes?

    MeMock replied “Mother! I am shocked! Think back to when I was Marisahs age. If I was at the beach and didn’t want to play because I didn’t like the sand would you rush out and buy me some rubber shoes? Haha, pigs bottom! You would have said stop ya whinging and start playing….. NOW!”

  2. Haha…was there even such a thing as rubber shoes back then?? Don’t be mean, go get her a pair.

    MeMock replied “Haha, my mum isn’t that old (I don’t think!!) I am mean, your should realise that by now. No kidof mine is getting rubber shoes just because she doesn’t like the feel of sand on her feet!”

  3. Not your Mum, ya dag, us!

    Its ok Aunty Barb will get her a pair 😉

    MeMock replied “Don’t you dare Aunty Barb, I will make it my own personal mission to make sure she is running barefoot through the sand before you arrive!”

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