Dog bite

I wish on was safely on my way to Ubon with a pocket full of cash to pick up my new wheels but alas due to some bank issues we had to put it back a day which meant instead this morning I was shuffling along the road trying to exercise to help the recovery of my back.
Suddenly without warning a dog came up from behind and bit the calf on my left leg. It wasn’t that serious but enough to draw blood from four puncture wounds. I limped home and asked Seerung to fix me up. By the time I got the 800 metres home my sister in law had already heard about it and wanted to know immediately whose dog it was. I didn’t know but gave her the best directions I could before she raced off on her motorbike to find the culprit. Apparently if someone gets bitten by a dog and you weren’t doing anything wrong at the time the owner of the dog is expected to pay some kind of compensation.
Within minutes she had found out that it belonged to the man whose car we have hired in the past. As soon as he heard what had happened he drove to my house and took myself off to hospital for some shots. 2.5 hours, 3 needles and a plethora of tablets later and I arrived back home.
It cost me 775 baht ($35 AUS) and it seems that the owner has to pay that as well. I said I really didn’t mind but was told to keep quiet as that’s the way it is done around here!

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  1. Hi Andrew,
    I was really looking for your private email address rather than make a public inquiry on your blog site about how your back is going ( so that I can put the news on our own web-site.)

    And it might be heresy – but maybe God was letting you get bitten by the dog, so that the cost to the owner would be enough to get your tiles re-done?
    The owner I take it is up for the equivalent of two days tile laying plus the cost of the tiles, which in Aussie terms works out to 4 days pay for a check-out chick at Tuckerbox.
    About $540 Aussie dollars.
    If the cost to you was only $35 though, you’ve actually just saved $500 by being bitten in Thailand.

    Ron J

    MeMock replied “Ron, that totally cracked me up! You always have a way at looking on the bright side of life! It’s great!”

  2. Bugger! Like you need to take more tablets!!

    Bit of a worry though about the dog…glad it didn’t bite your girls.

    MeMock replied “Yeah me too, glad it was just me. I bet the dog got a shock when he couldn’t get a good grip on me as my legs are about twice the size of an average Thai person! Agree also about the pills, I feel like a walking pharmacist. Oops, that reminds me, I have forgotten to take them already today!”

  3. Yikes, glad to hear you didn’t get infected with anything.

    The best I have had so far is being mugged by a monkey for a carton of milk on the way to work. It’s bad karma to fight back so the little blighter got my milk, I had no tea but lived happily ever after.

    MeMock replied “Hi Johnny, no infection….. yet 🙂 Iwish I was bitten by a monkey instead of a dog, would make a much better story. Or a buffalo, or an Elephant etc etc.”

  4. i would have killed the dog. no dog bites me and gets away with it. Thais are worse than Taiwanese and there are just too many stray dogs there. even so called “owned” dogs are let to run the street at will and cause trouble.

  5. MJ just described Kununurra Andrew.

    I wonder what the penalty is for killing a dog?

    My neighbours dog keeps me awake all night with it’s incessant barking and I’ve often said aloud to thin air “Why doesn’t somebody shoot that dog?!”

    My wife said that I was being unkind, but the dog gets to sleep all day! Now that’s being unkind!

    So I gave in and told her that I’d remain a kind person and to show I have no hard feelings, that to tire the animal out during the day time so we’d all get to sleep at night, that I’d offer to take the neighbours animal for a swim in the the lower Ord River when I next go fishing, but I’d only do it once.

    MeMockreplied “haha, now your thinking smart! Also, think of that poor hungry crocodile, you would be doing it a huge favour as well!”

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