Back home.

Well, we made it home after our trip to Ubon. After loading the car, a detour to pick up the drivers wife and a short stop at a garage to fix the indicators that werent working we got into Ubon around 9.30am. Straight to the fridge shop only to be told that broken seals aren’t under warranty and they would have to order in a new one if we wanted to buy one. On the phone my wife had been told to bring it in and someone would fix it. Needless to say the fridge stayed on the back of the truck and went back home that afternoon.
We then went and checked into the Phadaeng Mansion. Somehow the owner had come across this site as he knew my daughters names and he is yet to meet them and liked my review of his hotel so he gave us a free night!
From there it was off to the washing machine shop where we got a much nicer response and they took our machine and said they would get back to us. We went next door for brunch and on our our way back to the car they came out and told us what was wrong, that it was covered by warranty but parts needed to be ordered so it wont be ready until next week.
From 12 oclock until 5pm we wasted trying to get the car into our name due to some paperwork issues, we also spent from 9am until 11.30am the next morning getting it sorted. I could write pages and pages of frustrating rubbish that went on but I won’t so lets just say we finally have our new car! That afternoon we spent TV, stereo and vacuum cleaner shopping (pricing) sorted Seerungs lost sim card, opened a new bank account so that we now have online banking, printed photos of the wedding and kids day to give to people, went to the driving license department to gather information and did a big food shop. By 5pm we were knackered and decided to leave the other jobs on our list for another day.
We got home a little after 7pm to great excitement from the family as they checked out the new wheels, of course that only lasted for 30 seconds when they saw the seafood we had bought in the back! Within half an hour we were all sitting around eating delicious squid and catching up on all the gossip of the previous 36 hours! By the time we unpacked, cleaned up and wound down it was 1am.
Today after the kids wake up we are going to go to town as I need to have another round of needles because of the dog bite. Ariya is so excited as she has already linked having a car to being able to visit the big park in town!

Here are the fellas loading up the ute.


We had a long wait at a traffic light and I had great amusement watching these blokes literally fighting there way through the spaghetti of power lines to do what ever work it was they were doing.


This sign amuses me every time I see it. Is it meant to say one folk song? Perhaps they only allowed the spoons to be played there?


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  1. Dont know what happened, but no photos, just your comments. That was neat getting a free night at the hotel. How many more injections do you have to have?

  2. I can see the photo’s…?

    Glad to hear you have your car =)

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