Catching chickens and the first day of school.

Yesterday afternoon Seerung announced that she wanted to buy some chickens. Sister in law Daeng has a small pig/fish/vege farm which also has a large chicken run with only a few chooks in it. Time to fill it up she said.
About 2kms from home is a man who has lots of chickens and doesn’t mind selling them from time to time so we went and paid him a visit. To get there we had to cross a creek 3 metres up on a rickety piece of wood no more then 20 cm wide, the kids thought it was great fun!
The chicken man said no problems but to come back when it was dark and they were sleeping so after dinner myself Daeng and Khum went back and picked up 37 babies and 3 mothers. We haven’t been told how much yet so will let you know later on.

This morning Ariya went to school! yes my little girl is growing up way to quick. I am not too sad actually because it isn’t really like her first day of school. Well sort of but not quite. It seems that anytime after your child turns three you can start attending the pre school here in the village. When you are 4 you go to Kindi at the big school and then normal school starts when you are 5. Deang decided to take her daughter Cream, who is 6 months older then Ariya to pre school today just to see how she would go. Apparently last time she tried she escaped and walked home and upon finding no one here walked up the road to her aunties place! We thought that it would be good for Ariya to go as well just to check it out and if it suits maybe she can go there for a few hours a day one or two days a week. Marisah wasn’t to happy watching her walk off with Seerung without her. They are so close and do everything together so it might take a little getting used to.
Ariya was so excited and was down the stairs with her back pack on calling out for Seerung to hurry up!

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  1. Hope Ariya enjoyed the experience and didnt try and escape!

    MeMock replied “Seerung said she was a pain at the start and wouldn’t go inside or participate but after 30 minutes she came round. When I saw her she said it was fun”

  2. I’m glad she enjoyed herself =)
    N was like that when R went to school too…

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