Village market

Something new that has started in my village since we were last here is a little market that has started up. When I mean little I mean really really small! Thai people love markets but this is the smallest one I have ever seen. It is nice though to be able to walk the 20 metres from my front door down the road to pick up some fruit every Sunday morning or Wednesday evening. They have the usual fruit, clothes, mini mart type of goods and of course the cheap and nasty toys from China.

The market is set up on both sides of the small road that runs through the village.

village market

village market 2

Some fruit.

village market 3

Washing powder and other goodies.

village market 4

I think these buckets must have fallen off the back of a truck. Either that or the owner used to have a lot of dogs.

village market 5

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  1. Has that made a difference to Mam and Saboons shop?

    MeMock replied ” I guess it would have but most people tend to buy fruit and clothes which she doesn’t stock so it wouldn’t be too bad”

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