House building stage 2

During the time we were building the house we came up with a plan for stage 2. That wasn’t going to happen for another year or so but when we ended up moving over here suddenly we needed to do it sooner rather then later. This meant it would need to be done before the wet season starts otherwise we would have to forget about it until the end of the year as it is just impossible to build during a monsoon.

We have built our house to the extreme edges of the land that we had available at the time  which means no space for a garden at all. Stage 2 meant building that garden but it means we have a few buildings to knock down first!

Directly next door to us is Faher in law and a sister with her husband and two young kids.  Seerung assures me that they are more then happy for us to pull down their abode so that we can have a garden. Of course this means we will need to build a new place for them which we will in the ample space down stairs. This also allows us to strengthen the corners of our house as I have had a few qualified builders express concern at such a top heavy house on stilts with nothing in the corners.

In the following photo you will see three buildings. This is taken from the corner of our front balcony. The very first one that basically touches our house is FIL’s house and a bathroom. The next one is where the sister and her family sleep and it is also a kitchen. The smaller one at the back in the left hand corner is the barn for storing rice. (The building to the left of the tree, the one to the right is further back and not on our land)


The depth of the photo is confusing as it looks a lot bigger then what it is. It is a normal house block (small) size.

The barn we will move to the back right hand corner of the garden with a small driveway up to where the barn currently is. We will put some gates in the fence there (no fence yet) to allow easy access to the barn as well as secure parking for the tractor and hopefully another car for when we have visitors.

The other two building will be pulled down. We will salvage what we can to build a few new huts out on our rice farm and the sisters rice farm. Once it is pulled down we will need to truck in a lot of dirt as it is a lot lower then what our current house is.

Work has finally started on stage 2 with the first lot of material turning up to build the outside fence. Well the back half and side anyway.

First the sand.



And then the rocks. That’s Marisah in the background trying to slide down them on her bottom.


On the other side of the house work has started on a garden bed to run the entire width of the building. Poor Somboon has been called into work as he is the only fit bloke in the family at the moment!

Here he is making a start.


I will update the progress as it happens.

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  1. Alot of work – poor old Saboon! Will look great when finished and will be wonderful to have a garden.

  2. Good luck with your house extension. A beautiful garden, large or small can add so much to your home in the sense that it gives the whole land plot that lived in homely look. My girlfriend Wi just loves gardening and will spend hours potting, planting, trimming and just generally thinking of her next garden idea. I’ve never had green fingers, always yellow from smoking too much, but I like nothing better than chilling in our garden with a cigarette and a beer, admiring the view. Good luck with your garden.

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