Wild bush honey

I have never been a huge fan of honey. Sure I like it, but never go our of my way to eat it. That has changed since I arrived in Thailand as occasionally you find bottles of the real stuff, straight from the bush and it tastes delicious. So much better then what we usually get from the supermarket. Storing it in a whisky bottle makes it look cool as well!
Yesterday we piled up the ute with bodies and went to the market 10 kms away where I happened to get my hands on some. 120 baht or $4.50 AUS. Great stuff.


8 responses to “Wild bush honey

  1. Are you sure it was an empty whiskey bottle, or is the honey now infused with honey?

  2. I love honey. We have a friend that gets us some near Coolgardie and it is the best I have ever had, perfect for a sore throat and delicious!
    Looking forward to trying some Thai honey =)

    MeMock replied “one of lifes best natural medicines they say as well”

  3. Imagine trying to get that into Kununurra!

  4. On another note, do you know of Chia seeds, very beneficial, a super food, high in omega 3 and 6, and grown in down town Kununurra. I buy them through Organic stores, and have struck them, and have planted them out, and will see if they grow into a shrub. Interested to hear if you know………..

  5. yes I got a bottle just like that and lovely on Croissants

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