Thai drivers license

When we were in Ubon the other day we ran out of time to get my Thai drivers license. We did pop in for a few minutes to find out what we would need for next time however.
We quickly found out that we didn’t have the correct paperwork (there is that dreaded word again.)
To get a Thai drivers license you need to prove you are residing in Thailand. According to the Thai government the only way to do this is to show your visa and get a letter from the department of immigration.
Seerung called immigration and they said they can’t give me the letter because I don’t have a proper visa.
I was all set to go and get a Non Imm O visa from Laos a month ago but because of my back injury I couldn’t travel. When I was in hospital Seerung met the wife of a policeman who had contacts with the Immigration department. She offered to get me an extension so that I wasn’t illegal so Seerung gave her my passport and a few hours and a few thousand baht later she was back and I was given an 90 day extension. The extension was to my tourist stamp so not technically a real visa.
I thought the best plan of attack was to then get an International Drivers License, so I download the forms from Australia which allow me to apply from Thailand but as I found out, as long as I can prove that I am not a resident, which I am.
So I can’t prove to Australia that I am not a resident and I can’t prove to Thailand that I am a resident. I wonder what the hell I am then?!
So today (after I went for my third lot of dog bite needles) I thought I would try the more local and smaller transport office to see if I could worm my way past. I got a signed letter from my father in law saying I live at his house and all his paperwork, wedding certificates to show I am married to a Thai national, a letter from my Doctor showing how sick I was to help explain what happened plus my daughter to help win over the office staff.
It didn’t work.
At least Ariya and I have a great time together driving for 3 hours and doing some shopping. We even had a play in a park which she really enjoyed.
Marisah on the other hand apparently sulked all day because she wasn’t allowed to come. She didn’t talk to anyone the entire time we were away which for Marisah is a pretty hard thing to do!

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  1. You gave it a try. Hope better luck in the near future.

  2. Just hope you are not a lost soul!!

  3. sounding a bit like a movie script or a best seller!

  4. I just gather that the word has got out how you drive………..

    MeMock replied “you’ll keep. :)”

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