Fence update

I can only update the eastern small garden wall today as nothing has happened on the large one on the other side of the house as the fence builder is missing. I just found out he is the same bloke who did our tiles, a tidy worker but not renowned for being on time!

So here is a photo just taken a few minutes ago of the brickwork going up.


4 responses to “Fence update

  1. Dads comment – gee they are thin bricks, and what is holding them up. When the dirt gets put in behind, surely it will just fall over!! Obviously it is Thailand!!

    MeMock replied “I asked that same question and was politely told to mind my own business!”

  2. January2010….Is it still standing ?????!!!

  3. Yep – so far so good! Will be back in the village in a few days time and will have another look!

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