Another satellite dish

A month or so ago I posted about getting sat tv installed. I never ended up signing up to any package for two reasons. One, we don’t have a TV and two the packages were very expensive 1,500 – 2,000 baht a month ($65 – $85 AUS) and if I was to be honest with myself there was nothing decent to watch. I don’t watch a lot of TV and all I really wanted was to be able to watch some Australian news every night and maybe a game of footy (Australian) once a week. For this reason I wanted to get the Australian network.
I was quoted 15,000 ($650 Aus) but I needed an uninterrupted view of the southern horizon which I didn’t really have. When I was in hospital in Ubon last month I saw a Thai advert for a company called Top Up TV. I noticed that they had the Australia network available. We made a few calls and a few days ago signed up. It cost 2,400 baht for the dish ($105 AUS) and 12 months up front rent also 2,400 baht ($105 AUS), just 200 baht a month ($8 AUS). The dish arrived less then 24 hours later and we organised for a local company to come and instal it.
When we got the true dish installed we had 3 very professional looking men who did the job and did it perfectly within the hour. With the local company we ended up with four boys who looked like they all should have been in a punk band. They took 5 hours (1 hour for lunch) only two people did any work and Seerung and I had to watch them every step of the way. Dish was in the wrong place, wires all over the place etc etc.
Anyway, the bottom line is that it is done and I finally have exactly what I wanted so am stoked.
Just need a TV now!

I thought you might like to see the boys and their modern safety equipment. The bloke hanging off the edge os the balcony is sitting on a plank of wood while his mate stands nonchalantly on the other for balance end whilst eating a packet of chips and playing with his phone.




Today we drove over to another sister in laws place who lives over the river. Takes about 25 mins to walk there by crossing the river and about 25 minutes to drive over the bridge which is kms away! I wanted to test the 4wd out but I was howled down by the family who reckon that the track after the river is to narrow and will scratch the car. I might go for a walk and have a look for myself I think! We had lunch there before coming home and putting the kids to bed.

My niece Beam has been sick for 3 days and got worse this afternoon so I drove her into the hospital. They gave her the usual plethora of pills and sent her home. On the way back just on dusk we could see some dark clouds rolling in which is very unusual for this time of the year. By the time we got home a lot of the villagers were out attending to their farms and in particular any Cassava that they had out drying. It is now 8.30pm and there hasn’t been any rain so maybe it has past us by.

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  1. If you did have a TV and it was switched on, the four punks would have done the work in 2 hours and had 6 for lunch. Count yourself lucky.

  2. Not sure how good your Internet connection is but you could have watched the news on ABC’s iView – Guess you don’t need to worry now.

    MeMock replied “Thanks for the idea but my internet connection is awful, uploading pics to the blog do my head in as it is!”

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