Grandpa House, Ubon Ratchatani

Located in the back streets near the airport it is in a residential area and doesn’t have any ‘walk past’ traffic.

It has a basic interior but somehow seems to have a lot of charm. Many old photos and memorabilia line the walls. There are tables as well as booths.

It has a good spaghetti and steak menu plus a few chicken dishes as well as Thai food. Spaghetti dishes are 60 – 80 baht and steak is 150 – 280 baht. The 280 baht T-Bone is imported.

I had the spag bog with meat balls (70 baht) and a pineapple and cheese salad (50 baht). The spag bog came with a piece of garlic bread and a small bowl of soup. I ordere the kids a vege and dip platter (50 baht) and m wife had some vile smelling thing for 60 baht.

Average size servings but good quality. The service was quick and attentive but due to the layout of the restaurant you don’t see the waitress hovering which is a real turn off.

Drive towards the airport and take the last right before the airport gates. Left at the T junction then a quick right. 100 metres on your right. Chaeron Rat Road.


5 responses to “Grandpa House, Ubon Ratchatani

  1. Hi Andrew
    Went to this place with my wife on our last trip over to Ubon. Strange place I thought and felt like time had stood still inside for for some reason. The food was ok and not too bad by Ubon standards but it had an ery feel to it. My wife felt it was haunted. Did someone tell you about the place as it can be difficult to find otherwise.

    MeMock replied “Hi Jay, I know what you meant, it was a little strange but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I thought the place was really old and I said to my wife that I could just picture the place full of American Air Force personal during the Vietnam war. That picture was soon shattered when i asked how old it was and the waitress told me 5 years! I read about it on the we love ubon website.”

  2. Hi Memock
    I have recently found your blog and have been enjoying it. My wife is from Ubon, Nayia District.
    We have eaten at Grandpa’s at night and didn’t notice any of the strange feelings. I enjoyed my steak but I ordered it without any sauce on it. My wife had salmon and enjoyed it. I hope you are feeling better and thanks for the information about the local places to stay and the information about a local MRI. Also please keep the photos of your construction coming and the cost. It’s helping me get an idea of what it will cost me to build.

    MeMock replied “Hi Mike, great to have you drop by and leave a message. Glad you are enjoying the local info, I hope I can add a lot more to it as I get around and see different places. I will try and remember to include costs when stage 2 of the construction eventually fires up.”

  3. How old were the photo’s? Its not uncommon for spirits to attach themselves to photo’s. Perhaps Seerung could have been picking up feeling from the owners spirit guides or someone strong around them. Just a thought.

    MeMock replied “Hi Barb, when I meant strange, I guess just the layout and furniture and hushed tones of the other diners were a little weird. Nothing to sinister anyway!”

  4. Ok thats fine. BTW spirits aren’t always sinister.

  5. Very true, but people who spend too much time worrying about them create more issues then necessary.

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