My youngest daughter Marisah has suddenly decided that shoes are now cool. She used to hate wearing them before but now she will try on any pair around the house. She is always borrowing Ariya’s shoes and gets quite concerned if Mum or I are not wearing ours and will run off in search for the pair and bring them to us.


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  1. Oh I love this stage. They are so cute plodding around in big shoes, my 2 still do it =)

    She looks like a little frog, adorable.

  2. She is soooooooo cute and adorable. She will be forecver chasing dad and I because we are often barefooted.

  3. Andrew, Enjoy your blog everyday. Your daughters are adorable. I spent two summer in Ubon when I was 11 and work in udon during Vietnam for a short time. Your blog remind me of a good memory I have of both places. Keep it coming.

    MeMock replied “Hi Eck, thanks for saying hi and glad that you are enjoying the blog. Do you still live in Thailand now?”

  4. cant wait to get photos of all the cousins together in a few weeks! ive got a present each for all the girls thought id let you know!

    MeMock replied “Wish I could say the same (about the presents) but that ain’t gonna happen!”

  5. Andrew, No, I moved to the States 37 years ago. Just discover several Thai Blogs and have been reading them everyday. Kind of give me an update on the life of simple folks outside of Bangkok. My daughter did volenteer work (teaching English) to poor kids, orphan kids, kids with HIV positive and some mountain tribe kids in ChiengMai last Summer. It was her third trip teaching at this school(Baan Sala School). She enjoys it very much and plan to do it again soon.


    MeMock replied “Hi Eck, thanks for getting back to me. Third trip for your daughter? Sounds like it is time you paid a visit as well!”

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