My street

I thought I would start a small series of posts simply called my street.
I am constantly amazed at the array of transport, machinery, meal on wheels etc that travel right past my front steps every single day. Over the next week or so I will try and remember to have the camera with me when I am downstairs so that I can show you what I mean.

To start off with we have the old trucks selling produce. Husband drives and waffles away on the microphone at ear splitting decibels while the wife sits in the back and completes the transactions.

Here is the garlic and onion truck….


… and here is the orange and watermelon truck.


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  1. Me Mock: I can remember growing up in a small country town in the US and my Uncle use to sell produce out of the back of a old pick-up truck and in the summer it was a way for the nephews and nieces to earn money for the movies and such. Your post reminded me of those days and memories flooded my mind . Thanks . Here in Wang Pho in the providence of Kanchanaburi we also have lots of drive by vendors , and if I really want to be lazy somedays , I don’t even have to go to the market at all, I love it .Malcolm

    MeMock replied “Hi Malcolm, thanks for dropping by and saying hi. Yes is sure is convenient having the vendors around all the time as I don’t know about you but our closest market is a 20 minute drive away. “

  2. Hi there – we’ve been without internet for a couple of days.

    These photos reminded me of my childhood. My dad used to sell fruit etc from the back of a ute at Elcho. We used to go along with him.

    I’ll be in touch!

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