My Street part II

My eyes were going cross eyed trying to concentrate on some work on my screen so I took a break, grabbed the camera and went downstairs. I was their for all of three minutes before I had enough snaps for part II of my “My Street” series.

Seerung tells me that when she was a little girl owning a bicycle was seen as a sign of wealth in her village and only a few families could afford one. These days every house hold has a few and they are generally only ridden by kids or by the very poor who now cannot afford motor bikes.


This time of the year you will see a lot of these trucks come into the area from other regions of Thailand looking for work shifting soil prior to the start of the wet season. All day every day for the last few weeks you see them going past mainly taking soil from rice fields and dumping it at residential homes as people try and raise their homes to escape the inevitable flood that is only a few months away.


I mentioned motorbikes before so here is a shot or two. I will endeavour to get some better ones (with the entire family of five or six people on the one bike) soon.



Of course, one mode of transport that has stood the test of time is the old two legs and a heartbeat. This little fellow certainly had his heart beat working well as he spied me from about 50 metres away and decided the only way (after much consideration) to avoid the nasty white devil was to run as fast as his little legs would take him.


3 responses to “My Street part II

  1. Great photos. It makes us shudder to see a baby on a motorbike doesn’t it?
    Yes, we did see the Letchfords at camp. It was great to have them there.

    MeMock replied “I better send you a warning before I post the pics of Dad, Mum and the four kids on the one bike then!”

  2. Are all the bikes in that good a condition?

    MeMock replied “Actually a lot of them are. There are a few clangers of course but since more an more people head to Bangkok to work there is more money coming back into the village and a new motorbike seems to take precedence over just about everything else. A new one like you saw in the photo would cost around 33,000 baht which is around $1,400 AUS (Or three months ago that would have been $1,000 AUS.)”

  3. I still cant get over how thin the tyres seem on these bikes.
    The baby on the bike doesn’t bother me, maybe because I have seen it so many times? Or I am complacent now days?!?
    Kids are loving the pics of the street. They are looking forward to visiting =)

    MeMock replied “It was really nice to read that the kids are looking forward to visiting. The place is certainly different but never boring!”

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