No puppies.

A few weeks ago I mentioned the dog Ly who was due to have some puppies. She got bigger and bigger as the days dragged on then disappeared for half a day. When we next saw her she had some bleeding and we assumed she had had the puppies in the bush somewhere. The problem is she never went back to them again. Still born was everyone’s guess. Ariya had been really looking forward to these ‘baby doggies’ being born as she has been playing with a little puppy that belongs to the neighbours. I told her what happened and she took it in her stride and still talks about how sad Ly must be because her babies are sick. The cheeky monkey also made mention that I must have some baby puppies inside me due to the size of my stomach!

3 responses to “No puppies.

  1. Ha ha haaaa..the things they say!

  2. Oh dear!!!!!!!!

  3. Well let me see, what i could say about that……… stocking up for the wet season?

    MeMock replied “Haha, yep I am just trying to blend in with the locals with all their pre wet season work!”

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