Fence update

Things are moving ahead with both fences thank goodness. Today brother in law Khum noticed a truck doing some regular trips past our house with a load of dirt so he flagged him down and on his next trip he dumped a load of it as close as he could to our little garden fence on the eastern side of the house. 100 baht ($4 AUS) – Bobs ya Uncle!


Meanwhile on the other side of the house work continued on the larger main back and side fence. The reinforcing was cemented in first and then later other cement was also added.



Have a look at the bend in the fence in the next photo.


Now don’t worry, the boys weren’t drinking on the job, there is a story behind this and like all good stories it starts with “Once upon a time”

Once upon a time, many moons ago including a few blue ones a man who lived behind my current residence decided he wanted some more land. One night he went and banged in some poles that encroached by 2 metres onto my future FIL’s (Father in Law) property. FIL being a peaceful man rolled over quicker then a dog with an itchy belly and decided to ignore it. The neighbour then proceeded to use this land for his own use for the next 20 or so years.

As generations have now past on it was decided not to do anything when we built our house however when the fence was marked out yesterday it seems that my wife decided to take back some of the two metres she lost all those moons ago hence the wonky fence. We will somehow incorporate it into the design of the garden and I personally can see a nice little herb garden going in that space.

Today we went to town to buy some stuff for the fence and so I decided to give Khum another driving lesson. He has picked it up really quick and was doing well until this stupid mutt decided to jump out of the bush on the side of the road and under the wheel. That is two dead dogs in the last month indirectly due to me, I will start getting a reputation soon.

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  1. Obviously Seerung isnt a dog with an itchy belly – good on you! Looks like a lot of action which is great.

  2. Great progress so far.

    Don’t worry about the dog. Sounds like there wasn’t an awful lot you could have done, as horrible as it is.

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