Fence and some damper

The boys and lady spent all day today either making reinforcing or concrete.

I went down with the camera after lunch but didn’t hang around long as the two young fellas went all shy and forgot how many buckets of sand went into the mix and then added too much concrete powder as well! I didn’t want to see what would happen with the water or stones so beat a hasty retreat.

This is what I did take however.




This afternoon I had another crack at making some damper. This was my third attempt (fourth if you count the time I accidentally used MSG instead of sugar.) I am just using normal bread flour, water and a bit of sugar and salt. Today I added some raisons and vegemite. I wrap it in foil and place it on one of these clay pots full of hot coals.


When I took this photo I was cooking Pork.

Every attempt is getting better but it is still too wet in the middle, it doesn’t seem to matter how long I cook it for. Any suggestions?

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  1. It wouldn’t be to big right? More like a ball?

    Maybe its too thick in the middle and therefore not cooking evenly. I know when I have cooked it its usually spread out and even the whole way across therefore cooking evenly.

    I hope you understood that?

    MeMock replied “Hi Barb, good suggestion for sure as the first one I did was more a ball so this last one I did I flattened out so that it was no more 2cm thick and while there was an improvement for sure it still was pretty damp inside. Its been a long time since I had real bush damper, maybe it is meant to be wet, but i don’t remember that.”

  2. i still only do damper on a stick!!! come on guys its the best way for sure!!!

    MeMock replied “Yeah I have been thinking of that and while Ariya is ready for it Marisah is still to young and will end up poking someone’s eye out with a charcoaled piece of bread!”

  3. I’m more concerned that you have and use MSG. I dont believe it is good for you.
    We will try some damper when you are home.

  4. Definitely agree with the damper cooking on a stick, makes it much easier to put some yummy honey in the middle! It generally has to be a smaller portion to get it to cook the whole way through, maybe also try adding a little more flour 1 – 2 Tbs at a time for each attempt till perfect. Good luck with the next attempt.

    MeMock replied “Thanks Kris for the tip. Between you and my sister I feel inspired enough to give the stick method a crack. I will let you know how we get on.”

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