Where this come from?

Marisah has been been sick for a while. For the last week she has had a pretty bad cold and cough but not enough to stop her from being the usual cheeky monkey that she always is. On Sunday when we got back from our family drive we noticed she was quite hot. By that night she was buring up and was that way until yesterday morning when we planned to take her to the hospital. She woke up yesterday morning a lot cooler so we thought she was on the mend. When she woke from her afternoons sleep however the fever had returned with a vengeance.

We drove her into town and waited about 45 minutes to see a nurse who said she had tonsillitis. This is the second time in 6 months she has had this. We were meant to go to Ubon yesterday but that is on the back burner now why we wait for the antibiotics to kick in. After the hospital The kids and I sat at our favourite little road side restaurant and had dinner while Seerung went to the market across the road for supplies. She found some seafood which is very unusual for around here so for lunch today I can’t wait for squid and prawn with Basil. Yummo!

I remember my brother a while ago telling me that it is so exciting when your kids learn to talk but that excitments quickly wanes when they start asking the ‘why’ question. Now I am not sure if Ariya totall skipped that stage or if it is still to come as she never asks ‘why’ but ‘where this come from?’ Any item within easy reach will be grabbed and shoved in my face followed by a ‘Daddy, where this come from?’

“We bought that at the market Ariya” I will explain.

“Yes the market” she will mimic before grabbing the next thing.

“Daddy, where this come from?” 

“That came from Grandma in New Zealand” I reply.

“Yes, New Zealand, thats a long way a way. Daddy! Where this………”

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