Two bucks a ticket and the kids got in for free…

Turn the houselights down 
The audience is seated 
What’s going to hit this town tonight 
Will never be repeated 
They’ve dome from all around the joint 
To try and be the best 
At the Annual Bimbi Amateur Talent Quest They planned to use the local hall 
to stage the big event 
But in the end they had to hire 
a great big canvas tent 
The problem was the hall burned down 
at the last big B & S 
But that didn’t stop the Bimbi Talent Quest 

Two bucks a ticket 
and the kids got in for free 
It was quite a big event 
for the little town of Bimbi 
Everyone who fronted up 
declared it a success 
And it’s my bet they won’t forget 
the Bimbi Talent Quest 

The backing band were local lads 
together for the night 
They found it hard to play by ear 
And they couldn’t play by sight 
They may have all played out of tune 
but no one was distressed 
Toes were tapping at the Bimbi Talent Quest 

They had a draw for the lucky door 
and it came as a surprise 
That one of the local clergymen 
was the one who scored the prize. 
Now what he’ll do with a case of 
scotch is anybody’s guess 
But he was glad he came to the Bimbi Talent Quest 

A local bloke who’s got a name 
for being quite a wag 
Did a rather saucy song dressed 
head to to in drag 
Alfie Dunk, the local drunk, was 
really quite impressed 
And followed him home from the Bimbi Talent Quest 

The bloke who won the contest 
was the bloke the judges chose 
He came from out Thuddungra 
played a gum leaf with his nose 
We were a bit suspicious he was 
chosen as the best 
Coz his mother judged the Bimbi Talent Quest 

I have always wanted to use these lyrics of one of my favourite songs from one of favourite artists Colin Buchanan in a blog post. The song is called The Bimbi Talent Quest and I started singing it yesterday afternoon when I head that there was to be a show last night here in our little village! The advertising car had been driving around most of the day with it’s loudspeaker blaring that last night a magic/entertainment show was coming to town. 20 baht per adult (.85 cents) and the kids were free. Everyone was quite excited especially the kids and of course me! Shows like this come once a year if you are lucky I was told. 
It was due to start at 7pm but was told it started  late last year so despite my keenness to get moving we didn’t leave until 7.30pm. It was just a 3 minute walk away at the local temple where they had erected some canvas walls within the grounds of the temple to stop any prying eyes. It was just as I had imagined! Blaring music distorting poor quality speakers. A game out the front where you had to throw a small ring over the large neck of a soft drink bottle to win a prize. I watched the man who ran the game try unsuccessfully quite a number of times to get the ring to land correctly but to no avail. Obviously everyone else missed this as once one local got brave and decided to play about another 50 immediately wanted in as well. Of course a few snacks were for sale, no fairy floss here but dried squid instead.
By 7.45pm the crowd had swelled but still it hadn’t started. By 8pm I took Marisah home as she was sick and needed a shower and bed. By 8.30pm Seerung brought Ariya home as it still hadn’t started and at 9pm we saw my sister in law who had just came home as well and said it looked like it was just beginning.
So really this is just a blog about nothing. I just didn’t want to miss my opportunity to post the lyrics to the Bimbi Talent Quest!

2 responses to “Two bucks a ticket and the kids got in for free…

  1. Coming from England I’m not too sure if I should of heard of Colin Buchanan, but anyway I haven’t. Like the lyrics.
    These Thai village shows and fetes are what I’d imagine happened in rural England in the 50’s. I’ve been too quite a few around Thailand and have always found them enjoyable. You probably missed a half decent night.
    Hope Marisah gets better soon. Chok dee krap.

    MeMock replied “Glad you like the lyrics, I don’t think that Colin is that big outside of Australia as he has a rather unique sense of humour!” You are right that I probably did miss a half decent night and I was looking forward to it but you gotta put ya kids first when they are unwell. There is always next time I hope!”

  2. Memock, We must be really lucky ,here in Wang Pho Land , we have about four of the so called concert,food ,fun and magic shows each year, and they always add in Thai Boxing Matches to ours , so I have to stay till the very end , Ciejay comes to chat with a few friends and you know Thais , the ole see and be seen thing , a little food and then
    it’s back home for her and I’ll hang out and endure the load music till it’s boxing time . I’ll bet you miss a great magic show . Malcolm
    Do you remember Neal Dimond”s Brother Loves Traveling Salavation Show .?
    Hope the kid gets better too.

    MeMock replied “Hi Malcolm, four shows a year sounds pretty good. I guess it is because you aren’t all that far away from Bangkok. Only the desperate make it out this far! No idea about the Neal Dimond”s Brother Loves Traveling Salavation Show sorry. I am only 32 years old though which is probably why!”

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